New York “Papaya King” Vies for Top Dog in Hollywood

On Wilcox Ave. just south of Hollywood Blvd., a colorful and whimsical “You are the Star” mural depicts some of Tinsel Town’s most famous movie stars sitting in the audience of a theatre. Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and James Dean sit in the front row.

Across the street is Papaya King, one of a few, new hot dog stands in town, attracting tourists and locals in need of a refreshing drink and a quick bite..

Vibrant yellow, orange and green sayings are painted on the walls, such as “Hot Dogs were invented in Frankfurt, Germany in 1484” and “Within the next 24 hours 50 million Frankfurters will be consumed in the United States.”

Gabe, the general manager, informed me that Papaya is “king” in New York City. “Papaya King in Hollywood is just like the one in New York City. It’s a place where commuters come in, order their favorite dog and continue on with their day.” The crunchy onions, buns, franks and mustard all come from New York.

When I asked Gabe about the menu, he encouraged me to order some of the most popular dogs. Each hot dog is made from 100% beef. The casing of the frankfurter is all natural and grilled on aluminum foil to give the dog a snap when you bite into it. These franks are not fried or boiled and the buns are toasted to give it a nice texture and then filled with all sorts of wonderful ingredients.

Review courtesy of the Beverly Press / Park La Brea News. Published 9/15/11 via New York “Papaya King” Vies for Top Dog in Hollywood.

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