The Veggie Grill

Last year, The Veggie Grill on Sunset Blvd. offered a 50% donation for every paid order one evening to benefit Larchmont Charter School. By the end of the night, the West Hollywood school raised $500 for needed supplies.

Last August, The Veggie Grill at the Original Farmers Market offered a similar donation to Bark Avenue Foundation, where 50% of the food and beverage purchases were donated back to the non-profit organization to help pay for food, surgeries and medicine for homeless animals.

I was impressed by the restaurant’s generosity, and giving back to the community.

The idea of opening The Veggie Grill started while two friends enjoyed a day at the beach. Upon retiring young in life from lucrative careers, Kevin Boylan and T.K. Pillan realized there was a need for healthier fast food that tasted better than most the bean and sprouts places in town.

My friend is well acquainted with Boylan, and he joined us for lunch, sharing some of the secrets of the restaurant’s success.

“About 90% of our clientele eat meat,” Boylan said. “They dine here knowing that the restaurant doesn’t serve any meat or dairy products. The key to making our dishes taste meaty and flavorful is our sauces, marinades and glazes.”

For lunch we started with cups of lentil soup. It’s a purée of lentils with vegan broth, ground onion and wonderful spices. As I finished my cup, I kept thinking of the famous line in the movie, Oliver Twist, “Please, sir, I want some more.” It’s an ideal soup to take home on a cold day and curl up near a fire with a fluffy dog sitting at your feet.

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