Ikemen: The Dipping Ramen

While dining with another restaurant reviewer last week, she told me about her new favorite restaurant, Ikemen. “It isn’t fancy, but the dip ramen is so delicious, that my boyfriend and I eat there twice a week now,” she said. Wow, that piqued my interest. Since it’s located right on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea, I thought I better give it a try to let our readers know about this new find.

In the middle of a dense mini-mall is an unassuming Dip Ramen House. If you can find a coveted (there are only ten spots for six businesses) parking spot, you should consider yourself lucky.

Ikemen had a line of four people already waiting for the noontime opening. It’s the type of place you can comfortably dine alone, because it is small and the servers are friendly. There are only two tables. One that seats four and the other seats two. The rest of the patrons sit at tiled counter tops with bar stools. Not only is it tiny, but it’s dark and cool inside. Not temperature cold, but in attitude.

Courtesy of the Beverly Press – Park La Brea Newspaper. Published on Jan. 5, 2012. To finish my review click on this link via Ikemen: The Dipping Ramen.

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