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Marie Callender’s Summer Backyard BBQ

Enjoy iconic dishes of the season this summer with a summer Backyard BBQ and classic Apple Pie at a great value. For $15.99, Marie Callender’s offers a Build-Your-Own BBQ platter that includes a choice of two main dishes with two sides. Entrees include grilled BBQ chicken…

LA Foodie Events in June

CHAYA Downtown In addition to a beer garden at CHAYA this summer, the downtown location is offering a new Kaisen menu to its existing dinner menu. The Kaisen menu features the freshest local seafood available to Executive Chef Kenjo Atsushi, and varieties of seafood…

Best BBQ in Los Angeles

Walking on Melrose Ave. near Crescent Heights, I could smell the aroma of smoky BBQ wafting outside of the IMPROV. As I peeked inside, I saw a recycled wood interior with various patrons feasting on brisket, mac n” cheese and triple fried fries. At…

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