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10 Disney Holiday Magic Experiences

Having just experienced Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Holiday Magic, here are 10 activities to see and experience in both theme parks before January 7, 2017.California Adventure seems extra festive this year. For a second year the park is decked out for the spirit…

Passover Celebrations in Los Angeles

The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, beginning in the evening of Friday, April 22 to the evening of Saturday, April 30. Here are 7 destinations in Los Angeles to enjoy the festivities and have someone else cook for you – 1.Canter’s Deli Open…

Cooking This Thanksgiving? Forget it!

Why shop spend a lot of money, clean up your house, set the table, heat up the ovens, eat too much food, and then clean up the dining room and kitchen this Thanksgiving? There are some great spots in Los Angeles that are open…

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