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Trejo’s Cantina is Muy Bueno

The bar in the front of Trejo’s newest cantina in Pasadena was standing room only, as was the large dining room. Theatre patrons were sipping one last drink, before seeing the first show of the Pasadena Playhouse season – Our Town. Located adjacent to…

Sam Harris Continues to Shine Onstage

I sat in the historic Pasadena Theater today to eagerly watch HAM: A Musical Memoir about Sam Harris, the dynamic singer who won the hearts of 25 million Americans, when he  won the title of  Grand Champion in the popular television show – Star…

Broadway Ready Breaking Throughy

At opening night of the edgy pop-rock musical Breaking Through, I sat in the Pasadena Playhouse mesmerized by lead actress Alison Luff’s melodic voice. She sat on an empty stage with a white spotlight shining down, and she played the guitar while singing the…

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