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Creative Mexican Street Food and Cocktails at Cocina Condesa

It didn’t bother me that I was drinking out of a paper bag while dining at the new Cocina Condesa in Studio City. But rather than hiding a 40 oz. Modelo, the bag actually carried the crazy fun, barrio-inspired Boyz In The Hood cocktail,…

Authentic Mexican Cuisine in LA

“Mexico City has the largest population of Mexican people. Los Angeles has the second largest and Guadalajara has the third,” said Executive Chef Jimmy Shaw during a two-hour lunch with him and a friend at Lotería Grill. Shaw is an affable chef that was…

PettyCash Los Angeles

I haven’t been as excited about a new restaurant in a long time. PettyCash is the creation of Bill Chait and Executive Chef Walter Manzke who feverishly renovated the former Playa to open a Tijuana-style taqueria. Chait has had a slew of successful restaurants…

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