The Girl and the Grill

When craving a really good steak, where do you go? There are quite a few great steakhouses in Los Angeles and Nick & Stef’s in downtown Los Angeles is one of the finest.

The secret to their tender and flavorful steaks is the dry aging room. At Nick & Stef’s, guests can view the floor to ceiling glass room holding meat of every cut for a minimum of 28-days at 35 degrees with 85 percent humidity. Each large piece of meat is tagged with information about when the beef entered the room, its weight and when it’s scheduled to be cut into pieces and served to guests. During this 28-day process, our server informed us that the moisture evaporates creating a more intense absorption of beef flavor and taste. Also, the natural enzymes present allow the beef to become more tender.

The New York steak is one of their best sellers; its consistency is firm but not chewy, as some loin cuts can be. Served with three different sauces: an incredibly rich and delicious Maytag blue cheese, a decadent béarnaise and a lighter red wine bordelaise.

To finish reading my review, click on this link, courtesy of Beverly Press.  Published on 8/25/11.


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