Monsieur Marcel for Lunch? Mais OUI!

Strolling through the original Farmers Market, I always enjoy walking past the Monsieur Marcel bistro and gourmet store. There are always a few patrons sitting together speaking French, while sipping a glass of wine and sharing a plate of cheese or enjoying a croque monsieur.

The Monsieur at Marcel is Stephane Strouk, a charming Frenchman, passionate about cheese, wine and gourmet food. I sat down with him last week to learn more about this European hot-spot.

“My first solid food as a baby was cheese,” he shared with a smile. “I eat one pound of cheese a day. It’s what keeps me fit and healthy,” winked Strouk. “When you love cheese, life is good.”

Courtesy of the Beverly Press and published on Sept. 22, 2011 via Monsieur Marcel for Lunch? Mais OUI!.

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