Upper Crust Pizza at Pizzeria Mozza

After attending an art show in Hancock Park, we decided to get a light dinner at Pizzeria Mozza. Without reservations, there was a 35-minute wait for the bar.

Tables are usually reserved weeks in advance on the weekends. We placed our name on the list and walked next door to the sister restaurant, Osteria Mozza. I’ve never sat at Nancy Silverton’s Mozzarella Bar to watch her brilliance come alive right in front of guests. The wait for the bar there was about 20 minutes, so we put our name on the list and waited.

People take their time while dining at Mozza. They sip their Italian wines a little slower to savor the taste, they nibble on antipasti, primi and secondi longer than normal.

Still waiting, we walked back to Pizzeria Mozza. Two spots at the bar became available, and our name was called, so we cancelled our reservations next door and sat down on two bar stools.

Pizzeria Mozza is an interesting place. They leave tables empty for reserved guests. One table of six was left empty for over one hour. Guests with reservations are whisked to their table upon entering, as long as every member in the party is present. Come with your entire posse or you may have to wait with the rest of us.

As we sat down, Sean, the bartender and our server, had a friendly personality that made us comfortable sitting at the bar. He handed us a roll of wax paper with four crispy bread sticks inside. These crunchy sticks are made fresh daily at La Brea Bakery (originally owned and created by Silverton) and served warm at Pizzeria Mozza.

Courtesy of the Beverly Press and published on March 1, 2012 via Upper Crust Pizza at Pizzeria Mozza.

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