The Roof at The Hotel Wilshire

Chef Eric Greenspan is known for his culinary creativity at The Foundry on Melrose. A friend excitedly told me about his new restaurant, The Roof, on the top of a newer hotel in our neighborhood, The Hotel Wilshire. When her friends and family members from out-of-town come to visit, she reserves a room for them there. “I like meeting them at The Roof for lunch or dinner. The food is really good,” she told me.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to see the new L.A. Skin & Ink exhibit at the innovative Craft & Folk Art Museum near LACMA. After learning about the 60-year-history of the tattoo renaissance from edgy to mainstream art, a group of us went to The Roof for cocktails and appetizers.

As I exited the elevator to the top floor of The Hotel Wilshire, I was immediately wowed. The views of the Wilshire corridor at dusk looks like chains of rubies and pearls.

It’s one of those quintessential Los Angeles hot-spots oozing coolness. Every direction offers an incredible panorama of our magnificent city.

As we sat in the intimate sunken firepit area, nibbling on Greenspan’s bite-size mushroom risotto rolls and burger sliders, I immediately understood why this is the new  “it” restaurant.

The jovial Eric Greenspan came out to meet us. I instantly liked him. When I asked to take his photo, his personality shined. Right then, I knew I had to come back again to experience a full meal.

This article was published in the Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News on Oct. 11, 2012. To continue reading this review, please click here –

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