ROFL Cafe – Making Diners Happy on Melrose

It’s all about positive energy at the casual ROFL Café on Melrose. Walking into the restaurant you are surrounded with uplifting words running along the walls. “Love, Joy, Happiness and Laughter.” They are also etched on the drinking glasses, menu and servers aprons. In the kitchen, a large green painted sign above the grill states “Every Pizza I make is a Masterpiece.”

ROFL is a new creative concept by Chef Govind Armstrong specializing in local California cuisine. Armstrong started his culinary career working for Wolfgang Puck at the iconic Spago’s in West Hollywood.

Later, he became a co-owner and chef at Table 8 in Los Angeles and Miami. Then he opened 8 oz. Burger in Los Angeles and became an overnight sensation when Gayle King from the Oprah show flew 2,000 miles to try Armstrong’s grilled cheese and pulled short rib sandwich at his Melrose Ave. location. Armstrong transformed 8 oz. Burger into the new ROFL Café, which opened in July. Armstrong also is the Executive Chef at Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills.

ROFL stands for Republic of Laughter. The décor is light and bright with green, brown and pastel colors. A bowl of coffee beans sits in the middle of the each table with a little oil lamp in the center allowing the essence of coffee to waft around the room, offering pleasing aromas.

“The idea for ROFL was inspired by the findings of Japanese author and entrepreneur, Masaru Emoto,” shared Sergey D., one of the ROFL managers. “In his book, ‘Hidden Messages in Water,’ Emoto claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.” High quality water, when frozen, produces beautiful crystals, he said. Emoto believes positive changes to water crystals can be achieved through prayer, music, or by attaching written words.

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Courtesy of the Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News, published 11/21/12.

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