Currywurst – Authentic Casual German Cuisine

DSC_0748You never know who you will see while walking into Currywurst across from the CBS Studios. Sometimes talent from one of the CBS shows come over to this casual dining spot. Dustin Hoffman recently came in and ordered a smoked apple sage sausage. He liked it so much, he ordered another one. The staff is friendly, and the service is quick. One can get a meal for under $10 in less than 5 minutes.

I met with the founder of Currywurst, the personable Kai Loebach. Growing up in Wuppertal, Germany, Kai completed his culinary training in his country. “We have one day of class and 6 days of hands-on experience in Germany,” Kai said. His first job in the U.S. was at the Century Plaza Hotel when Kai was 22 years old. Later, he opened his own catering business. He has catered some of the most elite parties in L.A. for over 25 years. Two years ago, he opened the authentic Currywurst restaurant, offering authentic German food at a low-price point.

The most popular dish is Currywurst with French fries. Don’t be afraid of the word “curry”, it’s just the name of the most popular fast-food dish in Germany. It doesn’t taste like the curries you find in Thai and Indian restaurants. The curry powder is sprinkled onto the housemade ketchup and mixed with mustard to create a light gravy. If you don’t like curry, you can order a sausage without the curry powder.

Germans visiting Los Angeles light up with excitement when they drive by and see the words “Currywurst”. In their country, there is a Currywurst on every street.  “It’s a traditional dish in Germany,” Kai said. “What In-n-Out Burger is to Americans, Currywurst is in Germany.”

Many order a dish of currywurst after a night of drinking at the Hofbrauhaus. “It’s a sobering up dish,” he said. “In Germany, they don’t eat Currywurst with a bun. I introduced the bun, because the customers kept asking for one to soak up the sauce and tear off to put some sliced sausage inside.”DSC_0752

The bread is part French and sweet roll. It’s not brittle or flakey. It has an ideal roll.

The quality of the food at Currywurst Los Angeles is better than you get in Germany, Kai claims, and he’s a self-proclaimed  perfectionist. The place is extremely clean; Kai trains his staff to constantly clean inside and out. When I approached the restaurant one of the employees was washing the front windows.

Read the rest of my review courtesy of the Beverly Press, published in Jan. 31, 2013 –

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