Mouthwatering M Grill

IMG_1387Entering the beautifully designed Brazilian Steakhouse in Koreatown, I was eager to introduce M Grill to a group of writers from the Southern California Restaurant Writers.

A two-piece live band was playing near the entrance. Elegant stonework, rich woods, and hundreds of wine bottles stored in glass rooms adorned the walls along the walls. It’s not a Korean-style restaurant, but a Churrascaria with a fresh produce bar, hot buffet, and over 18 cuts of meat. Plus they serve great cocktails, beer and wine.

Owner Manny Kim has an extensive wine collection with over 1,500 bottles. Some are in the romantic bar area while others are featured in the open dining room.

Seated next to the window overlooking Wilshire Boulevard, our waiter, Mario, took our drink order and explained the little card near our napkin. Red means, “no thanks.” Flip the card over to green and it means: “Yes please, I’d love to try it.” He explained that servers would come by with over various cuts of meat throughout the evening.

This restaurant has been in Los Angeles for 10 years. Kim was born in Korea and his family immigrated to Brazil when he was a year old. Growing up in the largest city in the country, Sao Paulo, he enjoyed eating Brazilian food. There are Italian and Spanish influences in many of the dishes, due to immigrants from those countries.

When Kim was 20 years old, he moved to the United States and searched for his authentic native food. He missed the pasta he enjoyed so much IMG_1393in Sao Paulo and the Feijoada, black bean stew. Unable to find a good Brazilian restaurant, Manny gathered some of his favorite recipes and opened M Grill.

Many Brazilian favorites are served here. His Feijoada is made with cuts of cured and aged meat prepared in the kitchen. For the Moqueca (clay pot cooking) he uses authentic “dende” palm oil that is rich and nutty.

We started with a basket of the award-winning cheese bread beignets. The flour used to create these delicious fritters is from Brazil. They add milk, eggs and Parmesan cheese to give it a wonderful flavor. I could have devoured the entire basket.

To read the rest of my review, click on this link - Courtesy of the Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News on April 4, 2013.

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