Eating and Drinking at Coachella

securedownload-31The cocktail and party scene at Coachella is better than ever this year. For those who are lucky enough to go to the music and social festival, bring your sunscreen and enjoy the atmosphere, food and drink. Keep your wristbands on for a week or two. Ricardo Zarate and Govind Armstrong are offering guests libations that will perk up your spirits when you come back to Los Angeles.

For those of us who have to stay here in Los Angeles, we can enjoy some of the same Coachella drinks at various restaurants around town from April 14 to April 18. 

In honor of the headlining artists and their hit songs, Govind Armstrong at his Willie Jane restaurant has rebranded a few of their popular cocktails.  Guests wearing their Coachella wristbands pay only $7 for:

securedownload-30·Arcade Fire – Tequila, hibiscus, mezcal, averna, lime, with muddled jalapeno

· Outkast – “Roses” – Citron Geranium vodka, fennel dill gin, lime, lillet (Photo)

· Muse – “Supermassive Black Hole” – Rye, Fernet, smoked honey, lemon, scotch float · Lorde – “Royals” – A glass of champagne

Outkast “Roses” cocktail at Willie Jane (Photo on the right)

Ricardo Zarate is serving free cocktails with the purchase of an entree at Picca, Paiche, Mo-chica, and Blue Tavern.

Ricardo Zarate’s team will serve a selected beverage at each restaurant inspired by one of the festival’s stages:

· Avocado Project at Picca (complimentary with entrée purchase – see photo above). If you love the artsy vibe of the Do Lab, the beautiful bright green Avocado Project is right up your alley. Adventurous and off the beaten path, trying this cocktail is a refreshing experience (just like the mist that rains down on you while dancing in the Do Lab)

· Pisco Sour at Paiche (complimentary with entrée purchase) is the signature drink of Peru. You love exploring new artists in the Mojave tent, so trying a new cocktail should be fun!

· Palma Fizz at Blue Tavern (complimentary with entrée purchase) is made with vodka, ginger, lemon and pomegranate syrup—and a name like the “Palma Fizz”—this cocktail is about as classic and California as it gets. 

· Sangria pitcher at Mo-chica (for $25, normally $35) is perfect to share with friends. That warm and fuzzy feeling you get from the wine is as close to that lovin’ feeling you get from dancing the day away in the Sahara tent to your favorite DJ

 Peace, Love, Eat, Drink and be Merry!



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