Enticing Edible Arrangements

Scott Greenberg

Walking inside the Edible Arrangements store on Beverly Blvd. near the Beverly Center I smiled. It’s a cheerful store with bright colors on the walls and stuffed bears holding soft hearts. The day I visited was right before Mother’s Day. Mylar balloons decorated the ceiling and customers kept coming in to pick up arrangements.

This store and the Edible Arrangements store on Melrose Ave. near Cahuenga is owned by the affable, motivational speaker Scott Greenberg. He took me on a tour of his kitchen and introduced me to his staff. I got to see the refrigerator, chocolate dipping station and wrapping station.

Scott was born in Los Angeles and grew up in San Diego. His father was a franchise owner, so Scott grew up in that environment. However, he wanted to be a screenwriter. After graduating from UCLA, he received a scholarship to NYU film school.  Moving to NY and just starting film school, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. The doctors found a tumor the size of a softball in his chest. He left film school and started aggressive treatment.

When his grandmother, a “Schindler’s List” Holocaust survivor saw him months later, she said, “The way you look reminds me of Auschwitz.” Since she survived the atrocities of the Holocaust, Scott found inspiration to fight for his life. One year after chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Scott went into remission.

Scott Greenberg and Jennifer Satzman

Instead of going back to NYU, Scott became a motivational speaker. His strength teaches others to live life to its fullest. He has traveled Internationally and every to 50 states in America. When he married and adopted his first child, he wanted to stay home more. Nine years ago, while flying to Connecticut, he saw an ad about Edible Arrangements in an airline magazine.

He first opened his Beverly Blvd. store and years later opened in Hollywood. In 2010 his store won the Edible Arrangements “Best Customer Service” award (out of 972 franchises worldwide). The following year his store received “Manager of the Year.” His manager is Jennifer Satzman. Scott originally meet Jennifer at his son’s preschool. Scott knew she would be perfect in helping him run his Edible Arrangements stores, while he traveled to various speaking engagements.

Service and sales helps them maintain a repeat customer base. “My staff is very important to me,” Scott said. “I hire slowly and fire fast.” Scott told me that they are not in the fruit basket business, “We are in the celebration business. If you come here and place an order, it can be delivered in one hour,” Scott said. Edible Arrangements is a sweeter alternative than flowers. It appeals to multiple senses and is more of an experience than flowers.

Scott offered me a sampling of his fruit dipped in semi-sweet dark chocolate and white chocolate. My favorite was the heart-shaped pineapple dipped in chocolate. With one bite, the pineapple juice dripped down my mouth. It was delicious. I also liked the green apple dipped in chocolate, strawberries and the banana pieces dipped in dark and white chocolate.

When they have left over fruit at the end of the day, the staff boxes it up and donates it to SOVA Community Food and Resource Program. His stores are two of the only certified Kosher stores in Los Angeles. The chocolate is Kosher Dairy.

The stores offer a Cheer Me Up Bouquet, Get Well Treats, Thank You Chocolate Dipped Fruit Box, Birthday Celebration arrangements Pineapple Pops and Confetti Fruit IMG_8949Cupcake to name a few. Just pick a size and arrangement, choose a fruit to dip and add a balloon, plush bear or Edible Number.

Just like See’s Candy, when you come into the store to place an order or pick up an order, the staff is happy to offer you a sample or two.

Next time you want to give someone a special occasion gift, call Scott and his staff at Edible Arrangements. You will bring smiles to the faces of those who receive a colorful box or arrangement.

8453 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles – 323-651-2233 and 5870 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles – (323)462-6666. EdibleArrangements.com







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