National Tequila Day Celebrated in LA

securedownload-3National Tequila Day is on July 24. Tequila is a regional name for a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant. It’s made primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila near Guadalajara, Mexico. In Los Angeles, people will celebrate National Tequila Day at the following locations –

Shots of Tequila at La Caveat

The old-world Mexican grotto set in Highland Park, is known for its vast tequila and mezcal selection, and in celebration of their favorite holiday today, National Tequila Day, they will offer $5 Tequila Old Fashioned cocktails made with Sino Irish that is aged in Irish whiskey barrels. 5922 N. Figueroa Blvd. (323)255-6781.

The Members Only club – 41 Ocean
From the gorgeous 1920’s old California style décor, to the breathtaking ocean views and sunsets. Mixologist Rob Floyd is making a Pineapple-Rita made with  fresh pineapple, jalapeno, silver tequila, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup. 1541 Ocean Ave #150, Santa Monica (310) 566-3870

National Tequila DayPetty Cash

Celebrate National Tequila Day on Thursday, July 24th with $5 Tequila Cabeza shots with guests Simon Ford and Dushan Zaric from 86 Co. spirits.  Along with tequila shots, the guys will be offering a special cocktail called No Mames made with Tequila Cabeza, Barenjager honey liquer, fresh lime juice, grapefruit Juice, and dusted with a chipotle rim. Also try Petty Cash’s new agave flights menu including flights with the names of Intro to Oaxaca, Ode to Camerena, and El Jefe. 7360 Beverly Blvd. (323) 933-5300


Tonight, join Rivera for the launch of their new Agave flights kicking-off on National Tequila Day. Experience a variety of flights including A Study of Expressions, A Study of Regionality, Rare and Vintage, En Avion, Lucha Libre, Tropical, Fumo, and Animalistic. 1050 S Flower St #102 (213) 749-1460.

Come try mixologist and bartender Nikki Sunseri tequila drink called Off the Market – made with Anaheim & Red Jalapeno infused Blanco Tequila, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Basil, Mint, Cucumber, Ginger & Lime, Served over Cracked Ice  8715 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood (310) 652-2335

image007Red O Restaurant

Tonight celebrate National Tequila Day with a special tequila flights through Sunday, July 27. Rick Bayless and his culinary team seasonally source only the best ingredients, that are often organic and grown from local farms that support sustainable practices. All Red O locations feature an impressive bar and lounge, where you’ll find their specialty cocktails, an extensive tequila & wine list and live entertainment nightly. Red O is offering a special dineLA three-course dinner for $45 per person. Be sure to order one of his margaritas made with the finest tequila. 8155 Melrose Ave. (323)655-5009.

Margaritas at Chipotle

Celebrate National Tequila Day with fresh, hand-made margaritas to enjoy with Chipotle burritos, tacos, and burrito bowls. Diners can choose between a margarita made with Sauza tequila for $4.50 or a Patrón version for $6.95. Both are hand-made to order using tequila, triple sec, a blend of fresh lime and lemon juices, and organic agave nectar, served on the rocks with a wedge of lime. 7660 Sunset Blvd. (323)952-5160 and 110 S. Fairfax Ave. (323)857-0608.

Kelly Bonoli – Vice President of Tart Bites

Tart Bites and Tequila

What goes great with tequila? Tart Bites, a gourmet tart concept that embodies pleasurable flavors with a perfect portion size. It’s more that a small dessert, it’s a real treat. The bakers make regular tarts, gluten-free, daily free or nut free tarts in a variety of scrumptious flavors. These tiny tarts come in flavors that include apple, blood orange, blueberry, Key Lime, Boston Irish, chocolate cheesecake and Chocolate mint. They also make personalized hand crafted edible toppers for special occasions such as tequila parties, baby showers, birthdays, retirement and weddings. For those looking to include a savory component with their tequila, they  bake savory pizza bites and gourmet wine jelly for adult peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The store also makes custom cakes for weddings and birthday parties. Tart bites are available at the Tart Bites bakery or can be shipped directly to your door. Tart bites range from $1.95-$2.35 per tart and can be shipped throughout the U.S. 17233 Ventura Blvd. (818) 646‑9071.

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