Timothy White’s Photos Inside The Sunset Marquis

(Robert Downey Jr. New York 2010 – Photo by Timothy White)

I first was introduced to the works of Timothy White inside the innovative restaurant Cavatina at the Sunset Marquis Hotel. After enjoying a multi-course dinner prepared by the talented James Beard Award-winning chef and restaurateur Michael Schlow and the new Executive Chef Jonathan Kim. While dining out on the heated patio, I stepped inside the restaurant on my way to the restroom and noticed a mesmerizing photo of Robert Downey Jr. The handsome actor was standing in front of the textured brick wall. I was compelled to snap a photo.

Next I saw a lovely photo of Sophie Loren. After snapping her photo, I noticed the famous photo of Whoopie Goldberg. She announced on the television show she hosts – The View, about the Timothy White photo of her in a restroom with a fan handing paper and a pen for an autograph, under a stall while she is sitting on the commode.

(Sophie Loren – Malibu, CA 1996 – Photo by Timothy White)

I’ve never been to the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. I learned that the hotel opened it’s doors in 1963 and soon became a favorite to rock stars coming to Los Angeles. It’s secluded off the Sunset Strip on a residential street. Guests can walk easily up to Sunset Blvd. from their suites and villas. Below the street level pool is a world-class sound studio. Some of the best rock stars have recorded their Grammy-winning songs here. They also can park their tour bus underground to stay incognito from their fans.

(Whoopie Goldberg – Livingston, NJ 2010 – Photo by Timothy White)

During the award-season with Emmy’s, Oscars and Grammy’s, the hotel sells out and is filled with A list actors, musicians, comedians, writers, artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, supermodels, restaurateurs, billionaire entrepreneurs.

(Julia Roberts – New York 1998 – Photo by Timothy White)

Timothy White is an American photographer of celebrities, living and working in New York City, he is a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design in 1979. Since then, he has contributed covers on Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Playboy. He also has provided photos for hundreds of movie posters for Hollywood’s studios, and album covers for Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, and Jon Bon Jovi.

(Brad Pitt – New York 2010 – Photo by Timothy White)

White has also published several books: Timothy White: Portraits (published by Rizzoli with a foreword by Harrison Ford); Indian Larry (published by Merrell, with forewords by Matthew Barney, Paul Cox, and Billy Lane); and Hollywood Pinups (Harper Collins). This multi-talented man has also directed music videos and television commercials.

Dinner at Cavatina was superb. As you walk into the front entrance of the West Hollywood hideaway, walk out to the pool on a garden pathway to the restaurant. Bigger than life guitars are strategically placed in the gardens as art pieces. Inside the restaurant be sure admire the Timothy White gallery of photographs. It’s a visual treat.


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