Deals of the Day – Pi Day on March 14

TODAY – Monday, March 14 is Pi Day representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, or approximately 3.14159…. It’s a never ending number. Here are a few restaurants offering FREE or discounted items to celebrate, however these deals will end at closing time.

Photo courtesy of BJs.
Photo courtesy of BJs.

1.Enjoy a Free Pizookie on Monday March 14 during National 3.14 = Pi. Purchase a lunch or dinner totaling $9.95 while dining in at BJs Restaurant Brewhouse. One free pizookie per check. Check out the nearest BJs location at

Photo by Blaze Pizza
Photo by Blaze Pizza

2. Math and pizza fans can celebrate Pi Day on March 14 by enjoying pizza “pis” for $3.14 at Blaze Pizza. Customers can win 10 free pizzas by posting a photo of themselves with a Blaze pizza on Instagram on March 14. Every 314th customer to post a photo using #BlazePizza wins 10 pizzas – with to up to 100 winners. Blaze Pizza offers a casual and hip vibe. Visit to find your nearest location. MIB_logo_final_white-shadow

3. During lunch service on Pi Day, Monday, March 14, the newly-opened New York pizza truck Made in Brooklyn will sell whole pies at 50 percent off. The Made in Brooklyn truck will be at 3000 Exposition Blvd. from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Customers can also place orders by calling (323)844-3642. Go to to learn when to Hold It, Fold It and Eat It.

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