Coolest House for the Holiday Season

Santa came early to my house this year to make sure I have one of the coolest houses in the neighborhood. He delivered an ATMOS FX Digital Decorating Kit. Inside the box is a –

  • Projector
  • Professional mounting tripod
  • Remote control (2 AAA batteries not included)
  • UL power adapter
  • Standard Window Projection Material
  • Digital Decorations SD Card with 14 pre-loaded scenes
Digital Decorating Kit

It’s an All-In-One Solution for Digital Decorating offering displays for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and festive celebrations year round. During the holidays, I will have:

  • All Through the House, Part 1 & 2, from Night Before Christmas in my windows.
  • Deck the Halls, from Santa’s Workshop.IMG_5912Halloween time I can illuminate my windows:
  • Rise of the Wraiths, from Phantasms;
  • Dancing Dead, from Bone Chillers;
  • Beckoning Beauty, from Ghostly Apparitions;
  • Zombie Swarm, from Zombie Invasion;
  • Stalking Startlers, from Night Stalkers;
  • Howl at the Moon, from Tricks and Treats;
  • Vampire’s Snack, from Shades of Evil;
  • Evil Twins 1, from Macabre Manor.

Seasonal Scenes displayed in my windows include:

  • Party Time, from Celebrations Party Time
  • Festive Fireworks, from Celebrations Party Time
  • Eggstravaganza!, from Hoppy Easter
  • My Valentine, from My Valentine.
The Digital Decorating Kit features an SD card slot, making it easy to add additional AtmosFX scenes. To learn more, go to ATMOS FX.

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