Sneak Peek into the Secret Room Events – 2018 Golden Globe Gifting Lounge

Last week I was invited to the ultimate luxury Red Carpet Style Lounge produced by Secret Event Rooms. Walking into the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, talented Golden Globe nominees, presenters and a select few journalists, were gifted new and trendy skin and hair care products, clothing, jewelry, children’s products and clothing, organizers, and gourmet food items. Here’s a peek at some of the exclusive products presented and gifted to guests attending the event on Friday, January 5, 2018:


To get camera ready for the Golden Globes, attendees received NUDESTIX gift bags. The easy-to-use makeup crayons cover all the bases – face, eyes and lips for a fresh-faced, nude look. I received magnetic matte lip crayons and a sharpener. The easy to use smooth lip crayon spreads skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers. They come in 8 different shades. Shop online or at Sephora stores to get movie-star looks. To find the closest store, click on NUDESTIX.


While getting ready for the award ceremony on Sunday, Jan. 7, nominees might want to use the KOCOSTAR Home beauty products they received. In the privacy of their own home, they can apply the Moisture Pack Series to enrich, moisturize, hydrate and soothe hair, skin and toes. Their most unique product is their Flower Mask comprised of 12 individual petals infused with the scent and essence of a rose, sunflower and tulip. The compact petals are made of fibers from eucalyptus tree to rejuvenate skin gently (even on the sensitive skin). Each petal targets specific areas of ones face or body with intense nourishment. See the beauty treatments here KOCOSTAR


Every woman’s fingernail at the Golden Globes may be dazzled with MORGAN TAYLOR professional nail lacquer. Each attendee received a beautiful gift bag filled with Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP free nail lacquer that is infused with rare elements – finely milled luminous metallics, shimmers, decadent crèmes, stunning sheers and more glistening glitters. Inspired by luminous pearls, raw gems, semi-precious stones, glimmering silvers and radiant gold all drawn from the earth, beside lacquers, the nail care line has products with names that include Stick With It (Basecoat), Go Ahead and Grow (All in one nail treatment and basecoat with Keratin and vitamin E), The Need for Speed (faster-than-fast-dry top coat), Make it Last (helps your lacquer last longer on your nails) and lastly, Mattes a Wrap (chip-resistant top coat). Click here to see all the colors.

Brett Striker of  Maddy & Maize Popcorn.

I met Brett Striker CEO and Founder of the small batch, all-natural, non-GMO whole grain Maddy & Maize Popcorn. His gourmet popcorn is available in a variety of elevated flavors that include Bourbon Barbecue, Coconut Curry, Birthday Cake with Sprinkles, Avocado Oil with Sea Salt and Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake. Each attendee received a reusable bag filled with a variety of his tasty treats. Check out the flavors, gift boxes and where to order this delicious treat


For a quick treat, Amberlee Taylor gave everyone a box of MAMA TAYLOR TREATS. “I make the BEST fudge you’ve ever tasted.” Inside each box were pieces of different flavored fudge that “melts in ones mouth and warms ones heart.” Her Caramel by the Sea fudge is her most popular flavor. It’s made with white chocolate with caramel and topped with sea salt. The pieces are small and satisfying, so with just one or two pieces before or during the show, the nominees won’t have to worry about their waistline. Click on Mama Taylors Treats to learn more.


Sweet Whispers is a woman owned business, founded in 2016 by Maria Umana. Her handmade “not so traditional meringue” is filled with a surprise in the middle – fruit. The meringues come in four fruit-filled flavors: Blackberry, Key Lime, Passion Fruit, and Raspberry. The ethereal Whispers are gluten free and delicious. Check Sweet Whispers out.


Nearby, attendees received a PASSION PLANNER to help them stay organized, focused and achieve their goals for 2018. Founder, CEO and Designer Angelia Trinidad is not your typical entrepreneur. She is young, a woman, and a minority who is a first generation American from a large middle class family. She is well educated beyond traditional education through personal reading. Her Passion Planner helps people break down their long and short terms goals into more actionable steps and give a person a place to write down and incorporate these steps into their daily lives. To order a planner, go to

Sisters Babs Horner & Susan Palma

Sophistication Is Overrated is not only a cookbook with delicious recipes, but also a guide for tips and tricks to create a truly unforgettable and ridiculously entertaining party. Written by Babs Horner, a gourmet caterer who serves delicious dishes on paper plates , and her sister Susan Palma, an interior decorator who serves on China dishes., The Slageter sisters wrote a whimsical, fun book about refinement with a healthy dose of humor. The book is available on Amazon or go to

Annamarie von Firley and her Mom

Meeting Annamarie von Firley the founder of ADVENTURETOWN Toy Emporium was such a treat. Her toys stimulate the minds of our future architects, engineers, artists, scientists, makers, and thinkers. Based in Los Angeles Annamarie von Firley is a talented artist with a huge imagination. Not only is she a furniture and fashion designer, she also studied Child Development and earned a degree in Wooden Toy Design and Construction. As she curates educational toys worldwide, she organizes the toys for children at all stages of development and interests. Soon in 2018 she will be opening a brick and mortar store in Downtown Los Angeles. It will be a wondrous environments where children and parents can explore themed rooms filled with toys. The Fledglings area is for developmental needs rapidly changing from 6 months to 3 years old. Another room will appeal to older childre with a passion for dinosaurs. Adventuretown will offer monthly, weekly, and daily enrichment classes that include robotics or tinkering. Looking for a baby shower or child’s birthday gift idea? Adventuretown offers  a monthly toy subscription service. Each month a developmentally appropriate toy will be sent to the child to support their present stage of development. Toys can be tailored to every developmental stage. It is a service that no other company provides. Another stand out from other toy stores, is the Personal Shopper Service. Go online or  contact by phone or email.

Secret Room Events produces exclusive gift lounges and gift bags surrounding major awards shows, product launch events and offers celebrity product placement opportunities. It is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Sweet Room Events


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