Dynamic Duo – Winemaker Kris Kato & Drew Barrymore

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy three different wines from Carmel Road Winery. What makes these wines special is that actress Drew Barrymore made these wines with Carmel Road winemaker Kris Kato.IMG_2611

I asked Kato how he and Barrymore met and became a dynamic wine making team. Here’s what I learned-

JW: How did you and Drew Barrymore become a team?

KK: Drew Barrymore and the Carmel Road team had the opportunity to partner in 2014 to bring Drew’s passion for wine to life while tapping into her California roots. We were excited by the possibility of working with Drew, because of her obvious passion and hands-on approach to the winemaking process. We both believe strongly in sharing wine with friends and family, and how special making memories over a glass of wine and good food can be. She and I collaborated closely on the wines and both truly enjoy the creative process. Each wine we created has its own unique story and has been an incredible journey.

 JW: Which wine is your favorite?

KK: Out of our Barrymore by Carmel Road collection, I really enjoy the Carmel Road Drew’s Blend Pinot Noir. We fermented the wine in small lots for added control and kept vineyard blocks separate in order to achieve just the right flavor profile. It’s a beautiful, silky wine with lovely aromas of cranberry and spice and a balanced finish that make it a great food wine. This Pinot also really showcases what makes Monterey such a unique cool-climate growing region, and fits the Carmel Road dedication to making wines with great balance.  IMG_2162-2

JW: I love the rose’. What types of food would you recommend to pair with this quintessential summer wine?

KK: The Barrymore by Carmel Road Rosé of Pinot Noir pairs beautifully with spicy food of any kind, pad thai, or sushi.

JW: How about Drew’s Blend Pinot Noir?

KK: It’s hard to go wrong with the Carmel Road Drew’s Blend Pinot Noir, and it pairs with everything from duck breast and smoked mozzarella, to pasta with red sauce or ragout.

Here’s a link to my Actress and Winemaker Drew Barrymore article featured on April 2018 in LuxeBeat Magazine

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