Summer Fun at Discovery Cube Los Angeles and Orange County

Walking to the entrance of Discovery Cube Los Angeles (Lake View Terrace), I stopped in awe as a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex vocalized and moved it’s head with the help of advanced animatronics.


The two story discovery center opened a few years ago in Los Angeles. This family fun destination is filled with science-based interactive exhibits and classes to challenge and encourage kids to learn and play.

On the first floor there are 9 different learning exhibits that include a fun lesson about condensation to a 300-mile helicopter journey to learn how water travels from Mt. Whitney through the Los Angeles aquaduct. For fans of Disney California Adventure popular ride Soarin’, it’s a similar experience.


Upstairs is a brand new Dino Summer show and exhibit featuring examples of dinosaurs from around the globe that include the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex of North America and the swift Velociraptor of the Gobi Desert.


Also upstairs on the second floor is a Stanley Cup Champions the Los Angeles Kings exhibit. Families can become an expert on and off the ice acting as a Kings player blocking shots as a goalie, or sitting in a replica Zamboni machine. It’s a fun place to learn and unlock the secrets of hockey.


This summer the Discovery Cube ignites the spark of curiosity and the wonders of science by offering Dinos Everywhere classes and camps. Curious about the internet? Google engineers will offer onsite classes. Interested in healthy cooking? Petersonville Healthy Kitchen Cooking Classes are offered the first day of the month during the summer.


From Memorial Day to Labor Day, kids of all ages can visit Discovery Cube for a day or attend camps and sleepovers. There are classes and workshops where dinosaur enthusiasts learn about Dinosaurs Around the World.

 Here are 7 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Engaged this Summer:

  1. Discovery Cube’s Dino-themed Birthday Parties
  2. Dino Summer Field Trips
  3. Dino Summer Camps – June 25, July 16, July 23: Grades K-2. Dino Detectives Camp is on July 9, July 30, August 6: Grades 3-5
  4. Dino Sleepovers include exploration of the exhibit and the Discovering Dinos stage show.  
  5. In the Orange County location they are offering a Petersonville Healthy Kitchen Cooking Class the first day of the month during the summer. Sign up for the June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1. Grab your chef’s hat and work together with family and friends to craft home-made recipes with direction from Cube staff. Participants will learn healthy living habits, cooking tips and tricks, and facts about the ingredients being used. Preferred ages, 4 & up. The class is $20 per setting, up to 4 people per setting.
  6. Google engineers are teaching young computer scientists ages 8 to 13 how the internet works at the Internet Jr. Workshop presented by Google Serve. They will be at the Discover Cube OC on June 13-14. Then they go to the Discovery Cube LA the following day on June 15. It’s a fun-filled, hour-long workshop where students will learn what ISPs are, why 404 errors happen, and an overarching view of how the whole system works.
  7. Other Camps at the Discovery Cube LA include Code Constructors June 25, July 9: Ages 10-13 and Mission To Mars July 16, July 23: Grades 3-5. 

The nonprofit Discovery Cube Orange County opened in 1989. In November 2014, a second nonprofit Discovery Cube Los Angeles opened in the Hansen Dam Recreational Area of the San Fernando Valley. Most recently, Discovery Cube’s Ocean Quest opened in Newport Beach as a base of operations for ocean-science education and programs. The Sea Monsters: Prehistoric to Modern Day Ocean Predators exhibit spans time from prehistoric marine reptiles, like the Mosasaurus lurking in the shadows, to modern day behemoths like the Portuguese Man-of-War that can stretch its tentacles 165 feet below the surface of the sea.


For more information, visit Follow the Los Angeles and Orange County campus on social platforms (@DiscoveryCubeLA@DiscoveryCubeOC). 

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