The Shower of Hope provides Kindness to those in need

When my daughter Lizzy discovered The Shower of Hope at the Holy Family Church South Pasadena, she asked if would like to volunteer with her. I said “Sign Me Up!”
We met Mel Tillekeratne the Founder & Executive Director and Lisa Marie Nava the Operations Supervisor of The Shower of Hope. Together with their team of volunteers, they bring a four shower trailer to the church’s parking lot every Wednesday. These showers provide homeless “guests” and people in need a hot shower and so much more. Some of the guests told me that they only sponge bathe and this was their first hot shower in over one year.
Guests put their name on a list and receive a dry towel, bar of soap, and shampoo before being led to a clean shower. Tubs of disposable razors, Q-tips and feminine products are available if needed.IMG_6119
Caroline #SheDoes (Goal is to shelter 1,000 women by August) volunteers her time and skill by cutting guests hair every Wednesday. Her daughter Julia helps by putting on make-up.
The church cooks up a hot lunch and Trader Joe’s donates salads and other items. They provide a free lunch five days a week.
There are tubs with donated clothing, fresh socks, dog food (five guests brought their dogs with them), and bags with a tooth brush, paste, shampoo, conditioner and soap for them to take away.
Everyone will agree – A Hot Shower Makes You Feel Better! This worthy service brings showers and kindness to homeless in Boyle Heights, Hollywood, Highland Park and Huntington Park.
To learn more about The Shower of Hope go to:
To learn more about #SheDoes

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