Egg House is LA’s newest Instagram worthy pop-up

I guarantee you will smile while exploring West Hollywood’s egg-themed pop-up – The Egg House. It’s a multi-sensory “Eggventure” by female founder Biubiu Xu and a team of “eggcellent” creators, designers, and artists. It first debuted in the Lower East Side of NYC in 2018 and has since traveled to Shanghai, China and now Los Angeles.

Pink-colored walls and floors greet you when you step into the the two story space off Melrose Place and Croft Ave.  A staff member asks if you would like to have your photo taken with a bigger-than-life egg carton filled with brown and white (styrofoam) eggs.


Each location has different theme rooms inspired by the city.  Since Los Angeles is known as a fun brunch destination, there is a low ceiling brunch room with poached egg chairs and an egg table with miniature wooden food, silverware and plates. “Brunch Babes” is illuminated in pink neon lights.


Another room has two swivel cracked egg chairs and a Hollywood-style movie clapboard for fun photo opportunities. There is also a black and white Route 66 room that pops with color depending on what you are wearing.


Have fun swinging in a blue padded room with a yellow yolk floor.


Be sure to jump into the “Last One In Is A Rotten Egg” yellow and white plastic ball pit. Throw a bunch up in the air for a fun Boomerang post.


There are complimentary mini chocolate covered eggs and gummy eggs for a sweet treat.


Three miniature pink and yellow shopping carts filled with white and pink eggs occupy a room. On the yellow floor, the words “Avo Eggcellent Day” is in bold pink colors. It’s whimsical, colorful and fun.


A staff member walks around with a handheld removable tattoo machine and will happily apply a sunny side up egg, avocado or piece of toast on your forearm.

Before leaving check out the Egg House merchandise that includes three different types of adorable egg earrings. Egg House merchandise is available for purchase with a credit card only.


Tickets must be purchased in advance and range from $20 to $34 depending on the time and day of the week. For tickets go to Egg House LA. Your ticket includes entrance and numerous Instagrammable photo opportunities. Children age two and under do not need a ticket. Location – 708 North Croft Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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