Natural Products Brighten Your Smile

Everyone knows that a bright and friendly smile makes a good impression. Good dental hygiene is crucial to decrease cavities and stains caused by food and sugary beverages left unbrushed.

Entrepreneur Jessica Arman whipped up some home remedies using sea salt, baking soda, charcoal, and other secret ingredients for her daughter Allie, who was prone to cavities and tooth sensitivity. Jessica wasn’t happy with commercial products and wanted to make tooth brushing more appealing, while improving positive results.


With this special recipe, she engaged an independent, third-party lab to test the effectiveness of what she called “My Magic Mud” toothpaste and tooth powder products for stain removal. With success she created a line of vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and non GMO tooth products.

Meeting Allie at a Consumer Products Event, I took a two week challenge to see if these dental products really worked. I was first drawn to the “My Magic Mud” oral rinse. This charcoal activated, alcohol-free rinse is in an easy to hold flask shaped plastic bottle. A swish in the morning and before bedtime offers a pleasing cinnamon essence with a hint of clove to enhance fresh breath. It’s to be used after flossing with the black charcoal activated dental floss that is coated in natural wax for smooth and easy flossing.


Putting a pea size dot of “My Magic Mud Whitening Toothpaste” on my electric brush, I held the bristles on my teeth and noticed how my teeth and gums immediately turned an interesting hue of black. The coloring and consistency of this past is from activated coconut shell charcoal and Bentonite clay. With a swish of water in my mouth, I spit a stream of black liquid into my sink. Turning a stream of water on, it vanished quickly down the drain and didn’t stain.

One more swish of the oral rinse and my teeth looked whiter. Two weeks after using “My Magic Mud” I think my smile has definitely been enhanced. My teeth are a few shades lighter, and I actually look forward to brushing my teeth. The pleasing flavors and dramatic black appearance when using “My Magic Mud” takes tooth brushing to a new level.


I started having my teenage daughter use the products and she enjoys them too. We both swish with the black oral rinse for fresh breath and confident smiles.


For those suffering from halitosis, Jessica makes peppermint “My Magic Mist Breath Spray”, “My Magic Breath Mints” and “My Magic Gum Chewing Gum.”

To discover the dental hygiene benefits of My Magic Mud products, go to




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