dineLA menu at Atrium Los Feliz

One of L.A.’s most buzzed about new restaurant Atrium is one of the 433 restaurants featured this Summer during dineLA Restaurant Week from July 12-26.

Last night I was invited to a preview of Chef Hunter Pritchett’s four-course dineLA menu, featuring peak of the season local Farmers Market produce.


Guests have a choice of one Starter – housemade thick and crusty grilled focaccia with kimchi butter, and Hemet buckwheat honey or “eat like ribs” crispy Brentwood corn (grown in the San Joaquin Delta). It’s not like street corn or elote, it’s a fusion of Korean flavors. The cob is cut into quarters and enhanced with bulgogi aioli, fiscalini cheddar, green onion and gochukaru. One can cut the kernels off, or just pick it up and eat it like a rib. It’s delicious!


Course Two includes one of the most colorful artistic dishes – Hamachi Crudo with sliced cucumbers, watermelon radish, fish and peaches on top of a swirl of tangy orange leche de tigre. Or select the hand rolled Trofie pasta covered with a slightly spicy miso-heirloom tomato sauce and topped with an egg stracciatella.


Course Three offers a vegetarian or a meat option. The vegetarian is a grilled cauliflower shawarma with a Middle Eastern pistachio zhoug (pesto), Armenian salad made with ancient grains, pickled dates and layers of soft, thin unleavened lavash flatbread. Or guests can select the Thai flavored curry rubbed hanger steak served with a tomato jaew sauce, grilled cucumber and Thai herbs.


Course Four is dessert and both are unique and excellent. The strawberry-tomato Mexican ice pop called a paleta is served on a stick, and topped with an angel food cake crumble, sliced strawberries and basil. Sweet and savory summer flavors.


The second dessert option is smooth and ethereal avocado mousse on top of Meyer lemon marmalade, in the center of a crumble, with a scoop of Bay leaf ice cream and wood fired meringue squares. What a balance of different textures and flavors.

BRAVO to Chef Hunter and his outstanding team!

The dineLA menu at Atrium is $49 per person. To discover other dineLA restaurants, click here Summer dineLA Restaurant Week 2019.

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