Japan House LA celebrates Japan 47 Artisans

At Hollywood & Highland JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles celebrates the diversity of Japan’s prefectural through a collection of art, crafts, and design created by 47 young artisans. Now through January 5, 2020, the gallery on Level 2 exhibits 47 ARTISANS displaying contemporary crafts that embody the character of their hometown.

IMG_8209JAPAN HOUSE is an innovative, worldwide project conceived by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Besides a location in Los Angeles, there is also a Japan House in London and Japan House in São Paulo.

The new Los Angeles gallery exhibit nurtures a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japan. Visitors will learn about different prefectures, each with its own unique history, resources, and relationship to the environment.

The collection of works in this exhibition IMG_8216exemplifies the respect and beauty of Japanese crafts that have been carried for centuries.

In 2012, “d47 MUSEUM,” opened in Shibuya, Tokyo, to introduce a restaurant and a store displaying each of the unique 47 prefectures in Japan. Japan’s four main islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Japan’s prefectures were created in the early Meiji Period to replace the old feudal domains. Prefectures are akin to other country’s states.


Mitsuko Matsuzoe the D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT Executive Vice President andIMG_8211
47 Artisan Museum Producer launched the “Long-Life Design” projects. In Japan this project extends to retail, food and beverage, publishing and tourism.

The exhibition showcases a philosophy that advocates the use of objects with an enduring universal design that can be passed down through generations, linking the past to the present. Read more about the exhibition.


During the evening reception in the Japan House Salon, refreshments and Japanese delicacies were served.


This exhibit is complimentary. The items displayed are not for sale. To learn more, go to D&Department. 

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