Rah-Rah for Lady Gaga’s Jazz & Piano Show at Park MGM Theater in Las Vegas

Right now Lady Gaga and her world-class 30 piece band perform two different shows, Enigma and Jazz & Piano through May 2020, inside the Park MGM Theater in Las Vegas.

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Music brings joy to Gaga’s heart, and throughout her Jazz & Piano show, she shares stories about the century old songs discovered inside The Great American Songbook, associating great music to the great art of Monet. Her other show Enigma highlights many of her award winning contemporary songs. 

A few years ago when Tony Bennett approached Gaga to sing a collaborative jazz album together, she jumped at the opportunity to sing some of her favorites songs by George Gershwin, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald. This eclectic duo sang together on the 2014 Cheek to Cheek album, earning Gaga the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.


In her Jazz & Piano Las Vegas show, Gaga fondly talks about meeting and working with Tony Bennett. Honoring this 93 year old crooner, she brightly sings one of his favorite numbers by Bart Howard “Fly Me to the Moon” with her band. Gaga is comfortable sharing the stage with her favorite band member, Brian Newman. They are so close, that Newman honored Gaga the title of Godmother to his child.

Gaga wears sexy, low cut, cleavage displaying black and white sequin floor-length dresses. Gathered at the waist and with a long slit up the side or middle, she belts out  Frank Loesser’s Luck Be a Lady that was one of “Rat Pack” Frank Sinatra’s favorites.


Known for her over-the-top headdresses, Gaga wears a black pointy quill, sea urchin looking headdress while singing Cole Porter’s Anything Goes and “Flash, Bam, Alakazam” from Nat King Cole’s Orange Colored Sky.

In between wardrobe changes a video of platinum haired Gaga appears on two large side screens. In interview style she shares her love for music, how she won this great gig at the Park MGM Theatre, and where she lives in Las Vegas. One story she shared was about her day before the evening’s show. She describes sitting with a cigarette near a fountain at The Mansion, alluding to a hidden enclave at the MGM Grand Hotel. The Mansion contains 22 villas that range in size from 2,200 to 12,000 sq.ft.

Before her first of many wardrobe changes, she sat at the white Grand Piano and tickled the ivories playing and singing her Grammy Award winning song Poker Face. Displaying whimsical facial expressions, she clues the audience in to the true meaning of this song.

It’s a show that appeals to all ages and the audience adores her. High rollers secure one of the three tables on the stage. These tables for two receive a premium seating experience with Lady Gaga. They enter at the VIP entrance, personal escort up onto the stage, a choice of sitting near the piano or drums, a Meet & Greet with Gaga, a personal photo taken with her, and one bottle of premium champagne at the table. Gaga interacts with these guests drinking their champagne, and even kissing one female guest on the lips.

Those sitting in the first ten rows continuously gave Lady Gaga a standing ovation. She asked for the house lights to go on every time to acknowledge and appreciate their love.


Other wardrobe highlights include Gaga wearing an elegant white bling dress with a long white fur boa, and pink cotton candy colored wig with “Bumpit” height and curled ends. Sitting down on the piano bench, she performed a stripped down version of her 2011 Grammy nominated Album of the Year song Born This Way.

She often talking about her loneliness. She loves her friends, yet seems vulnerable and lacking a soul mate. Sharing with the audience “The loneliness in my heart is filled with joy when I sing jazz.” Dressed in a black floor length strapless dress with a belt, she sings “Paparazzi” at the piano. When her belt broke, she just naturally removed the piece, wrapped it around her neck as a choker and started tickling the keys.

After over two hours, Newman served as the trumpet player and bandleader for her album Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett, and often performs after the Jazz & Piano show at The NoMod Restaurant around 11 p.m. Sometimes Gaga joins him and sings a few songs after performing at the MGM Park Theater, other times Newman’s wife Angie Pontani, a contemporary burlesque dancer, sometimes performs.

When a fan offers a single rose to this eye-catching songstress, she tells him to wait until the right song comes along. After the French rendition of Piaf’s “La vie en rose” the fan runs to the front and offers the rose to Gaga. She asks permission to throw it out to the audience, and makes another fan feel extra special when they catch it.

Her last outfit, a shiny black neoprene tuxedo with a skirt and top hat is what she wears playing her hit song Bad Romance. Encouraging her fans to sing with her, the orchestra backs enhances the music and Gaga saves the ‘Rah-rah’ hook for the very end.IMG_8973

After the show, he sure to visit Haus of Gaga Las Vegas next to the theater to see many of her outrageous costumes, shoes, headpieces, and props. With her music in the background, and screens playing her videos, it’s a multi-sensory museum and gift shop offering the tools you need to become a Gaga fan.


Tickets are available for the December 31 at 8 p.m. In 2020 tickets are available on May 3, May 7, May 10 and May 16 at 8 p.m. 


Tickets are available on December 28 and 30 at 8 p.m. In 2020 tickets are available on April 30, May 2, May 9, May 13 and May 15

Park Theater is located at Park MGM on the casino level. Premium Sales call (844)600-PARK premium@parktheaterlv.com or call 1.844.600.PARK Park Theater Ticket Officeticketoffice@parktheaterlv.com website ParkTheaterLV.com

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