Light Up Your Life with Illuminations

At the Consumer Products Event yesterday, I met entrepreneur Mitch Davis, a loyal ILLUMINATIONS Candle customer. In 2019 he rekindled a dream when he sought out Wally Arnold, the founder of ILLUMINATIONS, who launched the first of many successful retail stores in 1996.


You might remember the pleasing smell from his stores in shopping malls, as he lit candles to draw people inside. Then in 2006, Yankee Candle approached Arnold and acquired the company. Unfortunately due to the recession, many of the stores started closing and by 2009, the last store shut its doors.


Davis an ILLUMINATIONS fan and former customer, approached Arnold to bring the company back. He listened to Arnold’s advice and gathered some of Arnold’s original resources, including the brand’s favorite fragrance house, and the rights to the ILLUMINATIONS trademark in 2019. Davis also worked with former ILLUMINATIONS product expert Pamela Donnellan to help him re-launch the brand “ILLUMINATIONS Candles, Inc.”

ILLUMINATIONS candles provide a long lasting, excellent quality scent by using a blend of natural oils and fine fragrances. The new all-natural wax blend is made with premium natural coconut and apricot. This helps extends the burn duration for 60 to 70 hours.


The new attractive packaging is an ideal gift to give to a loved one during holidays and upcoming Mother’s Day.  “Candles create a special atmosphere. I like how they cover up the odor from my three dogs,” shared Davis. “The new ILLUMINATIONS seeks to transform the rooms people use every day into better balanced living and working spaces, where life is both accomplished and enjoyed.”


Candles come in a wide range of scents. Click here to find your favorite:

ILLUMINATIONS welcomes back loyal customers and encourages those new to the brand to have a peek and see what’s coming for Spring and Summer 2020!

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