Consumer Products Events 2020

This year’s Consumer Products Events showcased a room filled with entrepreneurs demonstrating and talking about their products. This is the 11th year that Journalists and Influencers had a first hand look at products that will soon be offered online, and on the shelves of brick and mortar stores. Here’s my favorites:


ILLUMINATIONS is a premium candle brand that is re-igniting to create harmony and provide a respite from the stress of modern electronic overload thanks to entrepreneur Mitch Davis. ILLUMINATIONS was originally founded by Wally Arnold in 1996, and soon he opened retail candle stores in shopping malls and storefronts. Yankee Candle acquired the candle company in  2006, when the recession hit, and by 2009, the last store closed. Davis a Illumination’s fan and former customer, acquired the rights to ILLUMINATIONS’  trademark in 2019. He liaised with product expert Pamela Donnellan to re-launch the brand with “Illuminations Candles, Inc.” They kept the excellent quality of scent blends and introduced a new all-natural wax blend made with premium natural coconut and apricot. The new attractive packaging is perfect for gift giving and upcoming Mother’s Day.  Each clean-burning 100% cotton wick will burn for a 60 to 70 hour duration.


TUSOL is a Goop-worthy superfood smoothie regime by Ilana Friedman and Ingrid De La O. This new line of nutrient-dense smoothie mix promotes health on a cellular level. Packed with some of the world’s most heart-healthy Superfood ingredients, including Lion’s mane (acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory properties) and ashwagandha (helps the body cope with daily stress). TUSOL smoothie mixes are available in five different recipes ⁠— ILLUMINATE, CALM, BALANCE REJUVENATE, ENERGIZE. Blend with liquid (Oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, milk, juice, water) and ice to create a scientific smoothie filled with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and proteins to provide your body with what it needs to perform its best.


CIREM Super luxe skincare before makeup rivals the expensive European legends. This ultra-luxury skincare is developed as artisanal, small-batch production products. CIREM encourages women to feel good in their own skin, as well as giving back to others. The skin care line donates 10% of gross revenue to support women’s safe housing throughout the United States.


Diamond Veneer is swoon-worthy jewelry that puts real diamond on cubic zirconias (CZ). The owner Jacob Hassidim represents semi-precious and fine-jewelry, yet he specializes to turns cubic zirconia into flawless “G” diamond-grade looking stones. A veneer of carbon diamond that increases the fire, refraction and durability of a CZ to nearly the qualities of real diamond. With a showroom in downtown LA, Jacob Hassidim features iconic designer pieces where it’s hard to tell what’s real and what is a perfect reproduction.


Deborah Lindquist Fashions is an eco-designer who makes clothing and accessories for clients that include Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Sharon Stone. This talented fashion designer is now finding up-cycled denim and adds a sash, some beads, and appliqués to create stylish upscale jeans, skirts, and dresses.


Catalyst Cases showcased two of their most recently released cases from their signature product line – protecting and waterproofing Apple Watch series, iPhone series phone cases and AirPods Pro cases. The sleek design offers impact protection for devices like no other on the market can.


Scosche is a family owned company of three generations of the Alves family offering innovative consumer tech accessories. These products help people with their smartphone mounts, charging systems, health and fitness monitors. Their wireless charging magnetic mount – MAGICMount is a best seller.


Redbubble gives independent artists a chance in a meaningful way to sell their creative design pieces through the Redbubble and TeePublic maketplaces. The designs from artists from across the globe were showcased at the event including avocado socks, clothing, wall art, stickers, stationary, accessories and baby products.

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