Tou Ta Lou Prevents the Safer-at-Home Hangover

According to the market research firm Nielsen, “In the week ending March 21, 2020, sales on alcoholic beverages spiked 55 percent compared to sales in 2019.”

Since many states and public health officials have mandated residents to stay at home, more people are coping by sipping a nightly glass of wine, drinking a few beers, or getting creative making cocktails to stay sane.

When state officials allowed restaurants and bars to make and deliver cocktails, wine and beer to people’s homes, alcohol distributors noticed an increase in sales, by as much as a 300% in March compared to January.

Science shows that all this drinking can take a toll on your body. Daily drinking may lead to chronic physical and mental health issues. Heavy drinking  can cause or contribute to liver damage, cardiovascular disease, and multiple types of cancer.


Avery Arden Brands Tou Ta Lou is a Los Angeles based entrepreneurial product made in Taiwan. Their berry-based tonic is best enjoyed before the party, as an all-natural hangover preventative. For even better results, drink another 60ml bottle before bed.

Using traditional wellness methods combined with innovative herbal remedies, each bottle has 29 calories and offers Vitamins B6, B12, calcium and potassium. 

This wellness tonic is formulated with the following natural berries, roots and juices:

DHM – Dihydromyricetin (DHM for short) is extracted from the leaves of the Oriental Raisin Tree. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and can boost liver performance and reduces the negative effects of alcohol.

Kudzu Root – For more than 2000 years, kudzu root (native to South East Asia) has been used as a herbal medicine for the treatment of fever, acute dysentery, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Red Sage – One of the most popular components of Chinese herbal medicine. It is known to promote blood circulation, relieve inflammation; and calm the mind.

Goji Berry Juice – Science says about goji berrie provide immune system support, stabilize blood sugar, improves depression and prevents liver damage.

Solomon’s Seal – According to WebMD Solomon’s seal contains chemicals that might decrease blood sugar levels.


Tou Ta Lou is sold in a pack of 6 for $31.99 and can be purchased on the brand’s website or on Amazon. This hangover remedy is solely sold online and can ship locally and nationally, making it easy to order and sent directly to your doorstep.

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