Justin Bieber helps launch Liquid I.V.’s “Yummy” flavor

When Liquid I.V. approached me to try some samples of their newest hydration and electrolyte drink mix, I agreed. Then when I learned that Justin Beiber and his wife Hailey are investors in the El Segundo based wellness company, I was curious as to why they joined the LIV Group team.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 8.00.55 AM

I learned Scooter Braun and CEO Brandin Cohen, approached Bieber and his team in 2019. The Bieber’s liked how Liquid I.V., fuels and hydrates athletes, travelers and wellness seekers. The product also gives back to people in need of water around the world. Together they thought his mega-hit new song “Yummy” would be a good match with their new refreshing flavor Guava Hibiscus flavor.


They worked on product packaging to create excitement with a splash of light pink and melting darker pink bubble gum font lettering.

When it arrived on my door it provided a sense of cheerful fun, especially during the isolation of staying #saferathome for months due to the coronavirus.


Inside were 16 hydration sticks (Retail for $24.47 or $1.52 a stick) to create a fruity cellular transport beverage that delivers hydration rapidly into the bloodstream. Each packet hydrates 2-3 times faster than water alone.

They also included a logo face mask, stickers and acrylic tumbler with a straw.



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