Enjoying Indian Cuisine in your home

Sometimes I crave good Indian cuisine, and with restaurants temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, I discovered Deep Indian Kitchen meals are available in the frozen section at Whole Foods, Ralph’s, Vons and Albertsons.

Using family recipes, Deepak “Deep” Amin, President and CEO of Deep Foods Inc., started in his family home perfecting each dish. Today, he has nearly 4,800 employees making flavorful Indian cuisine to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


The name “Deep” in India means ‘lamp” and “enlightenment”. The Deep Indian Kitchen team enlightens their dishes by grinding their own spices and simmering their vegetables in batches of creamy sauces.

For the Northern India favorite – Chicken Tikka Masala, they marinate and roast the chicken before cutting it into smaller pieces and mixing it into a velvety tomato, ginger, ghee, turmeric, cumin and onion sauce. It’s a complete meal with cumin basmati rice included in the package.

The front of each box lists a spice level ranging from mild to medium, protein grams, and no artificial ingredient.

IMG_8175 2

The Southern India Chicken Curry offers a kick of spice from green chilies and sweetness from coconut milk that gives the sauce a pleasing flavor.

I really liked the zesty spinach Paneer is made from scratch by finely chopping fresh spinach and cooking it with ginger, garlic, and spices. Savory pieces of paneer cheese and turmeric rice enhance this dish.


They hand stretch the dough for their garlic naan before baking it in their clay ovens. It’s seasoned with garlic and coriander. All I had to do was preheat my oven to 400 degrees and bake for two minutes.


Deep Indian Kitchen helps children in rural India with access to education by giving to the Deepkiran (Ray of Light) Foundation with every purchase of their food. So far they have helped 22,000 children in 119 villages.

To order Deep Indian Kitchen to be delivered to your door, click here.

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