Weekends are extra fun sipping Ohza Mimosas

When four friends went out for the day to sail around Cape Cod, they brought a box filled with sparkling Brut, fresh squeezed juice cartons and cups to make their favorite brunch cocktail – mimosas. At the end of the day during clean up, they had to throw away bottles, cups and cartons. The environmentally friendly group realized that was a lot of waste and decided to reinvent how people drink mimosas. They discussed how there must be an easier way to enjoy fruit flavored bubbly mimosas without all the hassle and waste of plastic and bottles afterwards.


After a lot of taste testing, these friends created Ohza Mimosas in a recyclable can. They discovered a premium quality Brut Sparkling Wine from the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York to bring out a subtle fruity flavor.

Ohza offers a big party of fun with small footprint afterwards. One 12-pack is equivalent to four champagne bottles of bubbly and a full juice carton. Ohza has up to 80% less sugar and 60% fewer calories than one batch of mimosas served at a restaurant or bar. Each can is 140 calories of easy sipping with 5% ALC/VOL. I

When you purchase a classic mimosa 12-pack, $3 from every order is donated to the United Way Relief Fund.


Besides classic mimosa, they recently introduced classic bellini and mango mimosa. Each one is ideal to sip not only during brunch, but can be enjoyed during a picnic in your yard or at a park, while cruising in a boat, by your pool, tailgate this Fall and hopefully soon at outdoor music venues.

Order Ohza Mimosas online to be shipped to every state except KY, MI, MS and UT. Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more.

This review was featured in JustLuxe.

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