Kismet Rotisserie pick up and enjoy at home

L.A. chefs and restaurateurs Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson are no strangers to creating new concepts. The dynamic duo behind Kismet, the popular Middle Eastern bistro specializing in housemade labneh, mezze and natural wines, launched their more casual eatery, Kismet Rotisserie, earlier this year. In the face of the challenges of 2020, the team has utilized their creativity and tenacity to conceptualize new ways to enjoy Kismet’s cuisine from home. Kismet in Yiddish means fate and destiny, and fortunately, these two eateries on Hollywood Boulevard near Vermont Avenue remain open.

When Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that restaurants must close their indoor dining due to spikes in the coronavirus, Kramer and Hymanson offered online ordering, pickup and delivery for both Kismet and Kismet Rotisserie.

The chefs connected with Frontline Foods and made meals to support frontline workers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. To keep their relationships with their suppliers, they soon started selling produce boxes and other goods from various local farmers at Kismet.

At Kismet Rotisserie, they continue to offer some of the best free-range Sonoma slow-cooked, antibiotic-free chicken paired with hummus, brightly colored salads, pita sandwiches and vegetable sides.

To support the chefs, I recently ordered online and used the contactless pay option before driving to pick up lunch. Stopping along the curb in front, I called to announce my arrival, and within minutes, a staff member wearing a mask and gloves walked out and handed me my order while I sat in my car.

In this golden age of takeout, a restaurant’s to-go presentation can be the factor that makes the meal a cut above the rest. Kismet Rotisserie is no exception, and I thoroughly enjoyed my “unboxing” experience. As I began to carefully unpack my plentiful Kismet Rotisserie bag, I first opened a box to reveal a quarter-cut chicken with glistening, crispy golden brown skin. The chicken plate meal included creamy hummus and an iceberg lettuce wedge salad with shaved radish, scallions, parsley and a pleasing miso poppy seed dressing. The plate is completed with Kismet’s delicious soft, warm and puffy pita bread.

Be sure to order the tzatziki with toasted fennel seeds. It’s made with cucumber and yogurt and is an ideal dip or great poured onto the golden-brown chicken.

Next, I unwrapped a chicken pita sandwich stuffed with shredded rotisserie chicken and roasted onions enhanced with turmeric. A dollop of yogurt, a few raisins and sprigs of arugula brightened the sandwich and enhanced the savory flavors of the chicken and onions. After one bite, I vowed to definitely order this sandwich again.

They also offer a comforting chicken soup with a lemony broth, sliced celery, carrots, shredded chicken and a sprinkling of dill.

Their salads are excellent and most certainly should be enjoyed with their ethereal pita bread. I split a disc open and filled it with the roasted cabbage salad bathed lightly in a yogurt dressing, and topped with toasted fennel seeds. The crunchy and tasty salad offers a slightly sweet and subtle licorice essence.

Opening yet another container of deliciousness, I discovered bright orange shredded carrots dressed with citrus zest and a light coriander vinaigrette. The fresh carrots are a perfect accompaniment to the meal.

For those looking for something heartier, Kismet Rotisserie’s “Schmaltzy” crispy potatoes, tossed with toasted garlic and chicken drippings are sinfully delicious and a must-have. Vegetarians can order crispy potatoes tossed in toasted garlic oil only.

For little ones, they offer a chicken plate with rotisserie chicken, pita, hummus and veggies. They also have a kid’s roasted veggie plate with tahini for dipping.

For something sweet, Kismet Rotisserie offers tahini chocolate chip cookies and halvah pudding cups.

If you are looking for a satisfying, wallet-friendly, gourmet mezze-style meal, definitely check out Kismet Rotisserie. Chefs Kramer and Hymanson have adapted their take-home experience to be safe, delicious, and up to par with their dine-in standards. Grab your next meal to-go at Kismet Rotisserie (wearing a mask, of course!). Call to order and pick up, or go online and use the Caviar or Doordash option for delivery. $-$$ 4666 Hollywood Blvd., (323)400-3700.

This article was featured in the Beverly Press and Park LaBrea News 

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