Jeni’s Splendid Summer Ice Cream Flavors

When I was approached to taste test two of Jeni’s new summer State Fair ice cream flavors, and her dairy-free Lemon Bar flavor, I immediately said YES!

Yesterday a bright orange Jeni’s box was delivered to my front door. I gathered the girls for an ice cream tasting picnic outside.


Jeni’s launched a brand new flavor – Watermelon Taffy in her new State Fair Collection. Scooping from this pint into an ice cream bowl, we all agreed it offered an effervescent watermelon soda flavor and reminded us of sucking on a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. Made with fresh cream, non-fat milk, cultured buttermilk and yogurt (made just for the founder and chief creative officer,  Jeni Britton Bauer, by a fifth generation Ohio dairy). The pretty pink color is developed from pumpkin, apple and beetroot. This ethereally light and extraordinarily creamy ice cream is great on its own, but would make an amazing ice cream float with a watermelon seltzer or sparkling water.


Next we opened the container of Orange Blossom Chiffon. This pale peach colored ice cream tastes similar to a nostalgic orange Dreamsicle. To me it smelled like walking through the orange and tangerine orchards in Ojai, CA. It’s slightly sweet and tad tart and offers the essence of tangerine and orange flowers. A scoop of this oh so creamy flavor would be amazing on peach pie.


The last pint, a dairy-free Lemon Bar, was my daughters all-time favorite flavor. It’s one of Jeni’s new pucker coconut cream, vegan lemon curd concoctions mixed with tiny shortbread crumble, and some coconut flakes to give it a surprising tickle your tongue texture with every lick.

All these flavors are available at L.A. scoop shops and via local delivery here beginning on 7/16. When you order 4+ pints, your delivery is free!

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