National Waffle Day

Here’s 4 ice cream destinations to pick up and enjoy ice cream stacked in a handcrafted waffle cone or other creative edible holders to celebrate National Waffle Day (August 24).

  1. The Dolly Llama offers traditional European-style OG Waffle and Hong Kong Bubble Waffle, Waffle Sticks and Mini OG Waffles. Use these as a base to build any Dolly Llama ice cream original, or Craig’s Vegan ice cream flavor or the ultimate dessert experience. Open at 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. at the 611 S. Spring St., (213)283-8615, 273 S. Western Ave., (213)908-5353 locations and at 2 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 12 p.m. Friday through Sunday at 14545 Ventura Blvd., (818)809-2500.

2. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Buy some waffle cones and have an outdoor socially distanced Ice Cream Party with Jeni’s Splendid 3-gallon buckets of ice cream for local delivery and pick up at participating Jeni’s locations year-round while supplies last.  Customers can choose from a variety of their favorite flavors, including the upcoming fall flavor Pumpkin Cake Roll!

Buckets are 10″x10”, contain about 60 scoops, and come a special cooler to keep ice cream safe and frozen on the journey to your freezer. Also order some of the new State Fair flavors to enjoy at home –

3. At Westside favorite Playa Provisions from “Top Chef” Winner Brooke Williamson in Playa del Rey, Pastry Chef Kristin Feuer is creating fun takes on popsicles, pies, ice cream tacos, and cocktail-inspired sorbet. Enjoy handcrafted, seasonal ice cream flavors at the restaurant’s ice cream counter –Small Batch. Get one for take-out our lick on the outdoor dining patio.

FROZEN TREATS – Chocolate Dipped Frozen Cheesecake; Unicones (an inverted waffle cone filled with ice cream, dipped in white chocolate, and ringed with colorful sprinkles and stars) and Choco Taco.

Pudding Pops – The Animal: chocolate pudding pop stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough;The Zebra: white chocolate pudding pop stuffed with whole Oreos and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pops.

Popsicles – Coffee-Butterscotch Pop dipped in Valrhona Orelys Chocolate; Strawberry-Peychauds Bitters Pop (21+; Chef Kristin’s personal favorite and inspired by the restaurant’s bar program); Vanilla Yogurt Pop with Sweet Kiowa Blackberries; Blackberry Violet Pop; Key Lime Pie Pop; Rainbow Striped Coconut Pop and Striped Watermelon Mint Pop.

ICE CREAM/SORBET flavors – Sweet Corn Calabrian Chile; Blackberry Corn Tortilla; Strawberry (made with housemade Harry’s Berries jam); Raspberry Rose Sorbet; Coconut-Hibiscus Swirl Sorbet; Hickory Peach; Grapefruit Sorbet with Lo Fi Amaro (21+) and Strawberry Absinthe Sorbet (21+).

4. SALT & STRAW Camping Series

On August 14, Salt & Straw and head ice cream maker Tyler Malek debuted their Camping flavor series, an ode to the quintessential American summer filled with long days spent outdoors and late nights around the campfire. Offerings include:

Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes & Eggs featuring custard-y pancake batter ice cream filled with griddled blueberry coffee cake “pancake” bites, Vermont maple syrup swirls and brown sugar bacon bits;

Cast-Iron Cornbread with Huckleberry Jam with wild huckleberries picked from the Pacific Northwest alpine shrubs combined with skillet grilled cornbread and swirled amongst salted vanilla coconut ice cream;

Salted Hazelnut Praline S’mores, a decadent spin on the camping classic featuring homemade vanilla bean-laden marshmallows, chocolate pudding ganache, and pralined graham cracker crunch. Every bite of these nostalgia-inducing flavors is intended to transport ice cream lovers to the sweet memories of summers past. 

Flavors are available by the scoop or pint at Salt & Straw shops throughout the West Coast, as well as online with nationwide shipping through September 10. All online orders will include a copy of the Camp Salt & Straw game and coloring sheet. Guests visiting Salt & Straw locations also have the option to pre-order in advance for either pick-up or local delivery.

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