Homemade Kirsh Baking Co. cookies delivered to your front door

Pastry Chef Uyen Kirshenbaum and her husband, Jeff, were both furloughed from Simms Restaurants, when the hospitality industry got hit very hard by the pandemic. Uyen was the Executive Pastry Chef of M.B. Post, Fishing with Dynamite and The Arthur J, and Jeff was the GM of Simmzy’s Long Beach. She and her husband turned this sour situation into a sweet family business by creating their own cookie company.

As a mom and wife, her biggest concern was her family. She said in a Good Morning America (GMA) piece, that she came up with her cookie company idea a while back. As a pastry chef she always had a dream to own her own bakery. So during the pandemic she created 10 different kinds of cookies and started sending cookies to people who she missed and loved during the pandemic.

“Cookies always bring joy,” Uyen said on GMA. Her cookies are individually wrapped within a pretty giftable box. She bakes 5 Classics (if these are her classics, wait until you see her speciality cookie) that include Salted Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Lemon Poppy, Vanilla Lavender and Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl.

One of her top sellers is Jeff’s Cookie – a dairy and gluten free signature Double Chocolate Chip cookie. Uyen made this cookie years ago, because her husband Jeff loves chocolate but can’t eat dairy. He loves them so much, that she named it after him. It’s a rich chocolate cookie with an ooey gooey center. These cookies are baked daily in limited quantities.

Kirsh Baking Company IG

Getting a box delivered to your door is a way to treat yourself, or show your love by sending a box to a family or a friend by ordering by the dozen. Uyen’s cookies are available for delivery via two-day flat rate shipping nationwide.

Go to kirshbakingcompany.com to place your cookie order. When you order 3 or more boxes, shipping is only $10 nationwide.

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