“Drive-Thru” TV Awards Gifting Season

It’s award season with the 72nd Emmy Awards this Sunday, Sept. 20 starting at 5 p.m. PT. Usually product placement producers host elaborate gifting suites inside hotels to connect celebrities with brand awareness.

Due to the pandemic, it’s different this year. Producer Debbie Durkin, Los Angeles’ leading sustainable TV/Film Product Placement Producer got creative this season in producing a safe, fun and groundbreaking ECOLUXE “Drive-Thru” Endless Summer concept.

Driving to the Beverly Hills Hotel driveway in Beverly Hills, I was directed to follow a line of luxury cars to Debbie Durkin’s 14th annual ECOLUXE Celebration of the TV Awards.

Shae Savin

Celebrities stayed in their cars to receive a variety of products to use throughout the year. Some got out of their car to pose in front of a photo opportunity display and to meet the sponsors at an appropriate social distance. Invitees included film award nominees, directors producers, other VIP talent, and a selected group of journalists to ‘drive-thru” the Beverly Hills Hotel roundabout.

A DJ was spinning music as various gifting sponsors stood at decorated tables to hand their products to those who attended. This year the event raised awareness and honored California Firefighters who have bravely been battling the brush and forest fires across California.

This one day event by Durkin Entertainment & ExoLuxe Lounge are not associated with EMMY Sponsors.

The first gifted was MO’ Eyewear offering Unisex and Women’s sunglasses.

Next, the fashionable Eco-Friendly MERAKI ALLURE offered masks to all guests, and displayed their a luxury clothing line for men and women. Go on their Facebook page and use Coupon Code: 2020 to get 20% Off Any product, including the mask.

Koz Water is a new, Portland-based beverage startup introducing water in a recyclable can on the billion-dollar plastic bottle water industry. It’s eco-friendly purified water, uses a 12-step process, including active charcoal filtering, micron traps and high-intensity UV lights. This water can is hoping to change the way America drinks water.

John Paul Pet Products offered a Lavender Mint Detangling Spray to help sooth, calm and hydrate dogs and cats coats. John Paul is the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, one of the finest in salon and pet hair care.

At the end of the event was a table filled with The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Celebrity Brunch-in-a-box To-Go boxes. Inside was champagne, cheese, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, pasta and pasta sauce, plus housemade cannolis for invitees to enjoy before, during or after the award show.

Everyone drove away a WINNER!

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