Gelato Festival box of flavors delivered to your door

Here’s a fun idea for the holidays- Order a gelato tasting box and enjoy a variety of different cool and creamy gelato flavors for dessert. The 2020 Gelato Festival is a little different this year due to the pandemic.

The 2020 American edition Gelato Festival is hosting three COVID-friendly and socially distanced competition events, as well as a newly added coffee making competition. Families and individuals will be given the opportunity to purchase a sampling box for $69 and be the judge of the best gelato, along with Honorary Judge, Giada de Laurentiis.

The gelato boxes are available until December 9th, and will be shipped shortly thereafter. Each box includes four QR codes that allow consumers to vote for their favorite flavor and ultimately take part in picking the winner of this year’s tournament, to be announced in January. Gelato Festival is also be offering a vegan gelato box made with Califia Farms plant-based milks. 

Executive Chef Luca Moriconi

The winners will move on to compete in the World Finale which is set to take place in September 2021 in Italy. One of my favorite Italian Executive Chef’s, Luca Moriconi from Culina Restaurant at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, just won the Gold Medal in the first round of technical competitions with his Hazelnut Truffle Stracciatella gelato.

Luca’s winning flavor was able to edge past competitors NYC based Chef Vincenzo Grasso’s blood orange and almond sorbet “Mimosa Siciliana” followed in third place by Chef Joseph Maatouk’s vegan pistachio and orange blossom “Dama Pistachio” by receiving high marks in the Flavor, Appearance, Structure, Creativity and Verbal Presentation categories.  Luca was also able to snag a top spot in the coffee competition, placing third behind Chef Carlo Piccinini from Gelato Italyano, and Chef Peter Macias from La Peer Hotel, scoring points based on Flavor, Appearance, and Speed of Production.

Luca’s first place winning flavor will be soon available for purchase at Gelato Festival’s flagship store on Melrose Avenue.

The other eleven competitors still have the opportunity to advance to the world finale by winning their week’s Popular Jury competition. For the Popular Jury round of competition, competitors will amass votes based on the QR codes scanned by at home participants who have purchased one or more of Gelato Festival’s Gelato Boxes, which are available to order from their official website  until December 9th.

The Chefs and Jury Members

 In 2019 Gelato Festival opened its Flagship store on Melrose Avenue serving the world’s best gelato, in the heart of West Hollywood. A community-oriented concept and experience dedicated to artisanal gelato and coffee, and recently opened its second location at Hollywood & Highland at the Dolby Theatre.

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