Free to See: Sparkling “Spectrum” On Vine

Leaders in art, design, media and entertainment came together virtually on Dec. 1 for a public art unveiling showcasing the new On Vine Netflix campus in Hollywood, CA. Project partners provided viewers with behind-the-scenes footage and high-fidelity aerial cinematography to uncover the first-ever public glimpse of “Spectrum.”

According to John Kilroy, CEO, Chairman of Kilroy Realty, “On Vine is our second mixed-use concept in Hollywood, our first was Columbia Square.” Since he is passionate about art, On Vine is a creative urban workplace and luxury residential complex within a 3.5-acre city block incorporating landscape architecture and art.

“Spectrum” by photographer and artist Maggie West, pays homage to Hollywood glamour. West worked with SparkleMasters to construct a 65 x 17-foot, five-story-tall image made with 39,000 powder coated steel sequin mosaic. Each 3 x 3-inch square sequin is laser cut, custom painted and hung to create a vibrant, eye catching portrait. The image is brought to life with sunlight and a gentle breeze.

A few months after construction of the 600,000 sq. ft., project, Netflix leased 100% of the workplace and production space. This is the first Netflix campus with a full service kitchen entire complex and 260 seat theatre for marketing and publicity. Bridge passageways connect buildings together.

“We all need art. Now more than ever, we need avenues that inspire,” said John Kilroy, CEO of Kilroy Realty. “In a post-pandemic world, the role of public art will be even more important. While we cannot visit museums and galleries in person or even experience outdoor public works to some degree, we still wish to honor our new public art installations. ‘Spectrum’ is helping to shape the current Hollywood culture and honor Hollywood’s heritage. This virtual event is our way of responsibly celebrating with a larger audience and rejoicing that something beautiful is waiting to be discovered in Hollywood.”

This is the first outdoor piece for Jeremy Kirsch, owner and artist, SparkleMaster. “We use plastic sequins for most of our indoor installations. Inspired by a sequin gown, “Spectrum” is made with 39,000 metal sequins in 15 different colors to create a mesmerizing result from any distance vantage point.”

Heather Carmichael, Executive Director of 501c3 My Friend’s Place and Sam Polk, CEO from Everytable shared how Hollywood is reeling from a pre-COVID homeless crisis, now worsened by the pandemic. Kilroy is working towards a brighter future through the built environment and strategic partnerships with 501c3 My Friend’s Place, a Hollywood-based organization helping youth experiencing homelessness to move toward wellness, stability and self-sufficiency. In providing a $10,000 donation alongside 2,000 pre-prepared meals in partnership with Everytable, Kilroy aims to support some of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations and kick-start a long-lasting partnership with this impactful community resource. 

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