Kick-off NYE with Shottys Gelatin Shots

The Holidays at home can be festive and bright as you toast to 2021 with Shottys Limited-Edition Bubbly Flavor Gelatin Shots.

Photo by Jill Weinlein

Founded in 2016, Shottys, LLC by encourages everyone to get “Party-Ready” and Be the Party Hero® with alcoholic refreshments that indulge classic nostalgia and make everlasting memories. Awarded “Best of Show” among other top medals by Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Shottys pre-made gelatin shots come in a variety of flavors.

Our bubbly shots are inspired by traditional midnight champagne toasts and celebratory holiday parties. But instead of bringing a boring bottle of sparkling wine to the party, we know consumers wanted something way more fun than that,” said Shottys co-founder Austin Rovetti. “When you walk in with your chilled, festive cooler-bag of 24 ready-made bubbly shots, you’ll definitely be the party hero!”

Photo courtesy of Shottys

Featured in People Magazine, delish, Refinery29 & POPSUGAR, these gelatin shots taste just like a festive bubbly, yet without the bubbles. Turns out, carbonating gelatin shots is hard to do. Each shot is 12.5% (25 Proof).

Select Costco, Kroger and HEB stores offer them in a 24-pack that includes strawberry, blue raspberry, grape, and watermelon. Made with 6 times distilled premium vodka. It is corn-based and very smooth when added to Shotty secret recipe. Serve chilled, peel off the top and enjoy!

Shottys aspires to be green making sure their cups are recyclable and BPA-free. They try to minimize packaging and waste and encourage fans to post creative ways to reuse the Shottys cup to be featured on IG: @shottys.

To find a location near you, click on Shottys.

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