Sipping Jaf Tea for comfort and warmth

Tea offers a moment of calmness and sunshine during the day. It forces your to slow down, and enjoy the warmth, aroma and flavors it provides.

The family-owned Jaf Tea make wonderful and convenient tea and tea bags enhanced with fruit focused flavors. Their teas are from of the world’s purest single origin Ceylon Tea, growing on the island of Sri Lanka, located near the equator. Since the temperature variances are minimal, tea harvesting is year round providing consistent quality of fresh tea leaves from earth to cup.

JAF Tea offers black and green tea. Recently I receive a box with 8 different exciting fruit flavored black teas delivered to my door. Today my daughter and I had a tea tasting party and here is what we discovered:

Forest Fruit – Offers a ripe wild berry aroma and flavors of real forest berry pieces mixed with premium Ceylon black tea.

Blueberry Delight – All the juicy tang of ripe blueberries enriches your senses as hot water is poured over this tea bag. JAF Tea has real cherry pieces gently fused with their specially selected Ceylon tea to provide a hint of sweetness.

Pink Grapefruit – This Ceylon tea is zingy and zesty offering the flavors and aroma of ripe and juicy citrus to enlighten your mood.

Sunny Lemon – Another tea offering a zip of memorable flavors, is the sun-ripened sweetness with a tickle of tanginess from real lemon peel infused into Ceylon tea. This makes a wonderful “Arnold Palmer” style iced tea too.

Peach Orchard is the quintessential summer tea perfect hot or cold. It’s Ceylon black tea with peach aroma and flavor

Passionfruit–Ceylon black tea, passionfruit flavor

Creamy Soursop–Ceylon black tea, creamy soursop flavor

Mango Banana –Ceylon black tea, mango pieces, banana pieces, mango-banana flavor

How to get the perfect cup of tea – The best way to steep tea is by heating freshly drawn water to 212°F. Place teabag in cup, pour hot water over it and steep for 3-5 minutes.

Iced tea – Fill up a carafe of water, place three tea bags into the carafe and place it out in the sun to brew for a few hours. Fill a glass with ice and pour the tea to the top. It’s an ideal, no calorie beverage for lunch and for an afternoon pick-me-up.

JAF Tea’s make wonderful gifts for tea loving friends and family. They are available online and on Amazon starting under $20.

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