Glow Up with ‘Beauty and The Broth’-tail

Broth is trending in 2021, and Beauty and The Broth CEO & founder, Melissa Boloña was ahead of the trend changing the game with her company. Boss Ladies: Hollywood Actress & Entrepreneur Melissa Boloña’s  company makes broth that isn’t gamey like others, its a collagen-rich bone broth concentrate that offers a clean taste and is delicious to sip when warmed up.

Recently she collaborated with Agent Nateur’s founder, Jena Covello to offer tips on health, beauty and wellness, with instructions on how to make an exclusive Glow Me cocktail. It’s a chicken bone broth-infused cocktail, to #sipyourselfstunning and #glowfromtheinsideout!

Make a Broth-tail this Valentine’s Day

These two women shipped a box Holi (Trinity) Beauty Box and the ingredients to make a “Glow Me More” cocktail. Bone Broth wellness benefits include promoting better gut health, less cravings and beautiful, glowing skin. Agent Nateur natural beauty products help combat anti aging with healthy, clean, organic ingredients. Here’s how you can have your own Glow Up this weekend.

Ingredients to make a “Glow Me More” Broth-tail recipe:

1 oz gin – Bombay Sapphire is preferred

1 dash of celery bitters

1/4 oz Beauty & the Broth – Chicken Broth concentrate, heated with 7 oz water

Organic lemon juice

Parsley, celery and carrot stick for garnish

  1. Heat the broth concentrate and water over the stove.
  2. Add gin and lemon juice. Pour all ingredients into a snifter
  3. Garnish with parsley, celery and carrot sticks

Agent Nateur Holi (Trinity) Set

Follow these steps for the best beauty results

  1. Wash and pat dry face.
  2. Apply holi (water) to gently exfoliate and brighten skin
  3. Apply holi (c) a blend of vitamin C and calcium to help support cell regeneration and stimulate collagen production.
  4. Apply holi (oil) to add nutrients and antioxidants to help rehydrate, soften and illuminate your complexion and watch it glow.

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