RUBY healthy Hibiscus Water

My daughter first turned me on to hibiscus water last year. She would brew and make a big bottle to drink. What she likes about hibiscus water is that It’s super hydrating and offers health benefits. It’s the first beverage she drinks in the morning.

Recently I had the opportunity to try Ruby –– a line of zero sugar, zero-calorie, organic, fair-trade hibiscus water. I had my daughter do a taste test with me to see if it was as good as the hibiscus water that she drank.

Ruby was created by Noah Wunsch, an ex-Sotheby’s Global Head of eCommerce guy, and also once an executive at The Paris Review. Since he has a ravenous sweet tooth, he needed to tackle it to remain healthy. Ruby is the first Hibiscus-only Hibiscus water promoting a healthy body. It’s mild in taste, curbs sugar cravings and is a super hydrator, known to lower blood pressure, promote healthy skin and metabolism. 

Ruby comes in Unsweetened and Lightly Sweetened with shelf-stability and no additives. It retails for $3.99 for a 10oz bottle or $45 for a 12-pack with free shipping. You can purchase online one time only or a monthly subscription with a 10% disc.

After tasting Ruby, my daughter exclaimed “It’s very good.” The unsweetened has in 0g sugar, 0 calories, and is organic, gluten-free, plant-based, and kosher. It’s a water alternative that offers a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes. The tasting notes include red fruits such as ripe cranberries, dried cherries, tart pomegranate, and green apple.

The lightly sweetened Ruby has only 4g of organic cane sugar and 15 calories. It’s a perfect starting point for those seeking to wean off sugar. It’s tasting notes offered juicy red berries and cherries, light pomegranate, and fuji apple.

Ahead of its official release on March 15, 2021, Ruby already made a pop culture debut in HBO’s Euphoria in an intimate scene with Zendaya. Additionally, Ruby commissioned Berlin-based artist Sharmilla Banerjee who created wondrous illustrations for the Rubyverse, the whimsical and colorful world of Ruby – inspired by travel, outer space, and the California radical art movement.

Now available at Whole Foods Market Northeast locations along with Amazon Prime, over 100 external locations in the U.S., and direct-to-consumer on

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