Bruno Mars & SelvaRey offer a Tropical Getaway

SelvaRey Rum has a wonderful story to tell about starting their company and watching it grow. Three brothers – Marc and Seth Gold and their brother-in-law Robert Herzig met and collaborated with the legendary master blender Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez in creating wonderful tasting white and chocolate rum from sugarcane grown in Panama. 

Enter American singer, songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer Bruno Mars. Known for his Grammy Award winning pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, hip hop, and rock. This charismatic showman joined the brothers to help create SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve.

Their vision for their Owner’s Reserve was to create the taste of a tropical getaway with every sip. Since Bruno Mars music takes fans on an instant vacation, they wanted their rum to do the same. Aged between 15 and 25 years this rum is the pinnacle of the SelvaRey collection. It begins when you open the bottle and take in the aroma of caramelized brown sugar, sherry, and orange peel. After your first sip, you will notice the silky notes of baked apple crumble and roasted Brazilian nut. Bruno helped design the beautiful green glass bottle and vibrant yellow box with a Panama jungle theme.

Grown where North and South America converge and the Atlantic and Pacific meet, is one of the world’s greatest sugarcane region. Located just above the equator for endless heat, yet also nine months of intense rains, the mineral-rich soil is watered from rivers created by mountain springs. It’s an ideal spot for planting and harvesting sugar cane to aging and bottling rum.

SelvaRey’s exotic, handcrafted rums are distilled in the province of Herrera in 1922 copper column stills, resulting in a full-bodied, complex character.

SelvaRey White

SelvaRey White Rum is a unique blend of 3 and 5-year-old rums, aged in bourbon barrels and charcoal filtered. The 3-year-old brings the fresh vibrancy of fresh-cut sugarcane, while their 5-year rum offers rich toffee notes. Both are the perfect base for classic rum cocktails – Mojito and Piña Colada, as well as elevating Rum & Coke or Rum & Ginger Beer.

SelvaRey Chocolate

This aged rum infused with chocolate is ideal to drip over vanilla ice cream or drink on the rocks for a not too heavy and not too sweet dessert. It’s also an incredible spirit in your favorite coffee cocktail. Check out this Mocha Rum recipe.

The limited in quantity, SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve sold out in two hours on Reserve Bar.  SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve fans can sign up for an email waiting list when they re-stock. It retails for $149.99.

SelvaRey Rum is available for purchase in-store locally and online nationally at Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa, CA, Mel & Rose in West Hollywood, CA, Walgreens Hollywood at Sunset and Vine, as well as in-store at Jensen’s Foods locations in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, CA. Selvarey Rum is distributed through Southern Wine & Spirits, and is already featured on the beverage menus at Bigfoot Lodge, Crossroads, Los Balcones Del Peru, and Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles.

One thought on “Bruno Mars & SelvaRey offer a Tropical Getaway

  1. You had meat chocolate. Love your whole presentation and marketing campaign. Has the genius of Bruno Mars written all over it. Have all three bottles even though I’m not much of a drinker. Best of success and luck as Bruno progresses to world domination 🔥👏❤️

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