Supermodel Beverly Johnson loves Hallstein Artesian Water

It isn’t every day that I get to chat with one of the most iconic supermodels in the world. Last week I attended a Zoom presentation with Supermodel Beverly Johnson, the new ambassador for Hallstein Artesian Water. Beverly broke barriers in the modeling industry by becoming the first African American woman to appear on the cover of American Vogue in 1974. Throughout the years she has become a New York Times best-selling author, actress, and businesswoman.

Photo of Beverly Johnson via Zoom

I discovered that she is active in organizations focused on Beauty, Women Rights, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and AIDS Activism. She is on the Board of Directors of the Barbara Sinatra Children Center for Abused Children and is an International spokesperson for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. She lives in Rancho Mirage, California and is an active grandmother to her four grandchildren.

Here’s what else I discovered about Beverly Johnson’s past, present and future:

Modeling in the 1970s, what was it like?

BJ: In the 1970s, models thought water was fattening. Not just food, but also water. Later I have discovered that water is very important to your body, cells, and beauty. It’s all about hydration.

How did you discover Hallstein Artesian Water?

BJ: During the pandemic, a friend sent me some of the water. I’m doing intermittent fasting, and I have to drink water. Hallstein water tastes so good, I can’t stop drinking it. When you are on a diet and cleansing and detoxing, you need to take in more water, because you aren’t getting water from food. Food has a lot of water, and without food, you need to drink more water.

Why is Hallstein Artesian Water different?

BJ: I call it my ‘Miracle Water’.

Elisabeth Muhr Founder of Hallstein Water jumped in to explain how Hallstein Water was discovered. As a civil engineer, she helps build hydro-electric power plants and is a passionate advocate for global drinking and water improvement. Not only is Elizabeth an expert in hydrobiology, she graduated from Vienna’s University of Environmental Engineering and Ecology, and has been a visiting lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona teaching “Ecology Applied to Landscape Architecture.

EM: My husband was at an anti-aging seminar and told me we must eliminate sugar from our diet and drink more water. Sugar creates inflammation and can cause disease. One of her children heard this and exclaimed, “Let’s drink the best water for our body.” She searched with geologists and scientists to find pure and natural water in her home country, Austria. They discovered superior quality drinking water from a natural artesian aquifer, 700ft (214m) deep in a layer of rock beneath Obertraun, in the Hallstatt region of the Austrian Alps.

Is there a difference between pure water and purified water?

EM: Pure water is natural, while purified is an attempt to make water pure, so it is chemically treated. Perfect water has to have the right pH and high oxygen content. When they found their water source, they discovered the pH level was high at 8.3. An ideal drinking water to maintain good health has an alkaline pH level between 8 and 9.5. It’s bottled in a special process to keep it all natural.

What are the health benefits of this water?

BJ: Water cleanses your palate. If you are hungry or tired, that means your body is thirsty. Drinking water satisfies both. I like how the water is in a glass bottle. Eliminating plastic that is harmful to the environment and to our body benefits everyone. I also like how the packaging uses as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Plus the glass bottle is recyclable.

What temperature do you drink your Hallstein Artesian Water?

BJ: The best temperature for your health is room temperature. Drinking room temperature water hydrates and cleanses. We are 60% water and our brain is 90% water. We need to drink water. It’s the essence of life. We can go without food for some time, but not water. We buy so much skincare to protect ourselves from the sun, to avoid lines and wrinkles. Hydration is everything.

How much water do you drink?

BJ: I drink 4 bottles of Hallstein Water a day, due to my regime. About a gallon. You know you are drinking enough water by looking at your pee. Light color means you are drinking enough water. It should not small either.

Where can we purchase Hallstein Artesian Water?

EM: By subscription only delivered to your front door. This water is rare, and can not be mass produced and sold in stores. Go to

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