Enjoy Partake non-alcohol beers this Summer

It’s summertime, and for those who enjoy backyard BBQs and pool parties, Partake Brewing offers inclusivity in a social setting with their non-alcoholic beers. Not only do their beers offer exceptional taste, but they are very low in calories (10-35 calories per can), and vegan. Made with all-natural ingredients, they pair perfectly with every occasion for those cutting back on alcohol.

Partake is offering their new limited edition seasonal Peach Gose, a non-alcoholic craft beer that is not only refreshing, but crisp and offers a hint of tartness.

In a recent interview, Ted Fleming, Partale Brewing Founder and CEO said, “We crafted Partake to cultivate inclusivity and sociability no matter what you choose to drink and because of that, we’re so excited to provide Partake loyalists with a pre-order option of our long-awaited and highly in-demand Peach Gose.” 

It’s brewed with various malts, coriander, sea salt, and natural peach flavoring that adds a fun and fruity twist to the beloved sour style. This limited-edition no alcohol beer, sold out earlier this year, because of its combination of pleasing flavors and game-changing nutrition – only 15 calories, 2g carbs and zero grams of sugar.

The award-winning Partake Brewing has become a leader in craft non-alcoholic beer in North America with distribution in major retailers across Canada and the United States. It’s known for its craft non-alcoholic Pale, IPA, Blonde, Red, Dark and the Radler limited edition. Partake is transforming the non-alcoholic beer experience.

Order a 12-can pack for $29.99. Peach Gose will be available for pre-order sale online only starting today June 2 at 2 p.m. EST at drinkpartake.com

Join the pre-sale at drinkpartake.com or follow along on Instagram at @PartakeBrewing or on Facebook at facebook.com/DrinkPartake/

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