Making a Cheese Board Based On Your Personality

When you enter boards&co.’s website, a pop-up inquires ‘What’s Your Cheese Board Personality?’ I’ve never thought of that. I guess my personality could entice me to eat more or less of what is presented on a cheese board.

The first question in the survey is ‘What Do You Dream Of?” There is a check list of seven dreams that include “Throwing a party where people say they couldn’t eat another bite” or “Being a food photo stylist in a future life.” Also, the survey asks “Which is your personal motto?” I could choose “Condiments Can Make a Bad Day Good” and “Eat Like a Local.”

Cheese Board Ideas

Who knew I have The Wanderlust cheese board personality? My discovery stated – “If you could find a way to travel everyday, you would and you would always be eating cheese while you did it.” Yes that is me! The reveal also stated “Embrace the idea of terroir (literally “the soil”) even though you can’t pronounce it. Build a story on your cheese plate with a selection of cheese from a specific region and pair it with a wine, accoutrements, and charcuterie from the same place in order to satisfy a little wanderlust when you’re not able to in person.”

Cheese Board Ideas


For an upcoming family reunion, I received a Basic B Cheese Board Kit to appeal to my guests personality. The Clover Blossom Honey Chèvre from Vermont Creamery, Pistachio Cherry Sablés from Lark Fine Foods, and Honey Chevre and Black Fig Pistachio Dark Chocolate – Jcoco Chocolate were a hit at my party.

During the upcoming holidays, share your personality by ordering a board&co., to make your shopping list easier for a do it yourself cheese board. Here are the 7 different personality themed Cheese Board Kits:

Besides selling beautiful cheese board kits, they also have cheese knives, tongs and olive or nut bowls to add on. You can even add wine to pair with your board to be be delivered to your home.

Save time this holiday season by ordering board&co. cheese board kits to give to loved ones or for yourself to present before your holiday dinner.

Featured Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

This article was also featured on Luxe Beat Magazine on Oct. 25, 2022.

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